Sex Toy Pc Case Mod – For Women

After building our original Sex Toy PC Case Mod, we got one big request: make one for women. So we went back to the drawing board and designed a case with a woman’s needs in mind, and tried to give it that special feminine touch…for a very, very personal computer.

Start Drilling

We started out with a Barb** PC, partly for its pretty floral design and pink and purple color scheme, but also because the smaller size of the case made it ideal for mounting and riding.

After disassembling the case into panels, we went to work. We drilled through the center of the front panel with a 1 ¼ inch hole cutter to make an opening for a flower-shaped clit vibe. We finished cutting the hole with a Dremel cutter and smoothed out the edges with a Dremel sanding wheel.

Next we cut out a teardrop-shaped hole near the top of the front panel for the case’s centerpiece, the Jack Rabbit vibrator. The teardrop shape was intended to allow the rabbit vibrator’s battery and controller unit to pass through, while still holding the base of the vibrator securely. At first we intended to cut a “shelf” in the plastic strut on the backside of the panel and use it to support the base of the vibrator, but it became apparent that the whole strut needed to go to make way for the controller’s passage through the opening.

Getting the controller pack through the cutout proved more difficult than anticipated due to its irregular dimensions. After attempting to enlarge the hole to more of an egg shape, we decided the easiest thing to do would be to disassemble the controller and glue it together on the other side. We cut the controller’s plastic case lengthwise and slipped the main piece and cord through the hole. Then we secured the base of the rabbit vibe in the hole, which held it snugly in place.

Strap On The Toys

We chose the Scintillating Sunflower strap-on vibrator because it matched the case so well. Before installing it, we cut off its elastic strap harness, and we also had to dismantle its controller/battery unit. This was easily accomplished by removing a couple of screws and sliding the battery contacts out of place. We did have to slice off the slider switch with a Dremel cutting disc, with the intention of gluing it back into place later. After passing the main part through the opening, we glued the flower vibe in place using silicone sealant. We originally tried using a hot glue gun, but the glue didn’t hold.

With the front panel prepared, we turned our attention to the side panels. Using a Dremel tool, we cut a small notch near the top of each panel’s curved part, to allow the vibrator wires to exit the case. Then we used the hole cutter to cut a hole in each side panel for the handlebars, and sanded the holes smooth.

Attach the Handlebars

The handlebars were made from sections of ¾ inch PVC pipe. We drilled straight through the pipe about ¼ inch from one end so a long nut and bolt could be threaded through to secure the pipe inside the case. We found some heavy-duty black rubber grommets that fit perfectly inside the hole and acted as a shim around the pipe.

Before inserting the handlebars, we put the pink foam grips on them (these are grips made for a Razor scooter). The grips were a bit hard to get on, so we eased the way with – what else? – some water-based sex lube. After the handlebars were inserted into the panel, we secured them on the backside with the nut and bolt.

Thread the Wires

After replacing the PC unit back in the metal chassis, we began reassembling the case. We stuffed in all the vibrator wires and fitted each one into its groove in the side panel so the case would close flush, and left enough wire on the outside to give the controllers a little play.

With the case together, we started adding the finishing touches. We decided to put another toy on top of the case, a butterfly-shaped G-spot and clit stimulator. Since the vibrator in it is self-contained, there were no wires to deal with – we simply glued it on with some silicone caulk. This toy is meant to be used while facing the other direction on the case, so theoretically two female users could mount the case simultaneously, face to face (we’ll leave the details of that to your imaginations).

We used strips of Velcro tape to fasten the vibrator controllers to each side of the case. Each is positioned to be within easy reach, and they’re removable so the batteries can be changed and the user can hold them or look at them during use if she wants.

As a final touch, we Velcroed on a cell phone case, so you can keep your phone handy and not miss any important calls while you’re getting off.

Now that the case is finished, it’s time to dim the lights, set the mood with some candles, and get out that photo of Brad Pitt or your favorite hunk of man meat (or your favorite Sapphic beauty, if you swing that way). Don’t forget the wet-wipes for clean up afterwards. Barb** might say that “Math is hard” but this computer is nothing but fun!

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