Sex Toy PC Case Mod

Let’s face it: being a dedicated gamer can be lonely. Sure, you have your Everquest clan or your Quake buddies, but communing with fellow gaming geeks doesn’t fulfill certain needs. At the same time, it’s hard to tear yourself away from the computer long enough to chase tail and engage in archaic but obligatory mating rituals. Now you don’t have to leave your true love behind. In fact, you and your PC are about to get closer: much, much closer.We created this case mod to give the truly hard-core gamer an appropriate outlet. Do you love your computer? Really, really love your computer? Now you can satisfy your passion for PCs and your passion for pussy at the same time. How’s that for added functionality?

We took a off-the-rack gamer’s PC case and modified it by installing a fake pussy and accessories to enhance the user experience. We decided a lube dispenser would be crucial, as would a supply of Kleenex and a handy place to toss them. Plus it would be nice to have a place to hold beverages, and a stash of jerk-off magazines or porn DVDs. Finally, inspired by those small parabolic mirrors that many cube-dwellers place on their monitors so they know when the boss is sneaking up on them, we decided to add a rear-view mirror, so you won’t get caught with your pants down.

We started by removing the case’s side panels and drilling holes in them to bolt on our additions. We chose the right side panel for the lube dispenser and trash receptacle, since we assumed most users would be right handed. If you’re left handed, of course, you can place these on the left-hand side. For the lube dispenser, we used a bicycle water bottle cage, which was held in place by two 9/64 screws and nuts. When drilling through the metal side panels, we placed them on top of a two inch board to provide backing for the drill bit, and to keep the metal from warping. On the same side as the water bottle/lube bottle cage, we drilled a hole to bolt on the plastic waste container, which we got from the auto supplies department. We bolted both of these in position.

On the opposite (left) panel, we drilled a large (3/8ퟀ) hole to insert the stem of the rear view mirror. We used a bicycle rear view mirror with a flexible stem. The stem originally had a fitting attached for mounting on the end of a handlebar, which we removed previous to installation. However, we kept the screw that attached the fitting. After inserting the mirror stem through the hole in the panel, we replaced the screw, leaving the screw head slightly raised to hold the mirror stem in place inside the panel. The flexible stem of the mirror allows the user to position it either to see if there is anyone standing behind them, or to angle it down to watch himself in action as he’s pumping into the fake pussy.

The unit on top of the case is a plastic car caddy that is secured with two screws in the base. We drilled two holes in the top of the case, one of which was slightly off-center due to the construction of the unit’s


After removing the plastic faceplates on the drive bays, we measured the inside dimensions of the drive bay space and cut a block of Styrofoam to fit snugly inside. From this block of foam, we hollowed out a space that would accommodate the fake pussy. The fake pussy we chose for this project is Jesse Janeퟀ�s Intimate Passages. This unit is made from soft, fleshlike Cyberskin material and has two internal passages, vaginal and anal. It also comes with a removable battery-powered bullet vibrator. We chose this model of fake pussy because its size and squarish dimensions coincided nicely with those of a standard PC drive bay. Since the fake vagina and ass takes up the entirety of the drive bay space, it will be necessary to install an external drive, but this is a small price to pay for having a premium pussy in

your case.

After cutting the pussy compartment into the foam, we cut a hole in the back of the foam, both to provide a space to accommodate deeper thrusting, and to thread through the control unit and wires for the vibrator. We covered the foam with black duct tape, both for protection and for appearance. After inserting the pussy in the foam block, with the vibrator wires and control unit extended through the back hole, we positioned the unit in the drive bay. At this point the vibrator controller was on the inside of the case.

We decided to bring the vibrator controller out through the front of the case, through the 3.5ퟀ drive bays. In order to do so, we had to file a small notch in one of the face plates to accommodate the wires. After replacing the face plates, the wires were securely positioned, and we added an adhesive cable keeper on the left side of the case to keep the controller out of the way until needed and keep the wires

from getting tangled.

After reassembling the case, we stocked the unit with a bottle of water-based lube, caffeinated soft drinks, a Kleenex box (you can use wet wipes if you like), and some skin mags. Of course, most users may prefer to watch online porn or DVDs for inspiration; space in the top caddy can alternately be used to store porn DVDs. If this is too much for your taste however, we suggest you to check our page of top sex toys for men where you may select an alternative for this beast.


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