Make a Frozen Cock-sicle

Make a Frozen Cock-sicle

New! 8/4/10

Cool off by wrapping your lips around an icy dildo pop. Here’s how to make a reusable mold and create colorful cock-sicles in your favorite flavors.


  • Small to medium sized dildo or butt plug (Silicone is best – other materials may react with the molding compound. Test by pressing a small bit of mixed silicone compound onto the dildo surface and letting it harden.)
  • Food-grade silicone molding compound
  • Lego blocks
  • Wax paper
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Assorted flavors of Jell-O or Kool-Aid


Use Legos to construct a four-sided container for the mold. To determine the correct size for the container, place the base of the dildo against one of the inside walls. There should be at least ½ inch of space between the dildo and other inside walls all the way around. The bottom is supposed to be empty. Set it on top of a piece of wax paper.

Mix enough silicone molding compound to fill half of the mold container. Press it into the container, making sure there are no air bubbles.

Make sure the dildo or other toy is clean and dry with no dust or oils on it. Press the dildo into the molding compound until it is halfway submerged. Make sure the base is contacting one wall of the container, and the silicone is contacting the surface of the dildo evenly. Make a few small divots in the silicone around the dildo. These will help line up the two halves of the mold when they are put together. Allow the silicone to cure.

Coat the exposed surface of the silicone with a little vegetable oil or other release agent. This isn’t totally necessary but will make the mold halves easier to separate. Mix silicone compound for the second half of the mold and press it in to fill the rest of the container. Make sure the compound gets pressed tightly against the dildo and into the divots in the mold surface. Try to prevent bubbles and air pockets.

When the silicone is completely cured, disassemble the Lego container, separate the mold halves, and remove the dildo. Wash the mold out with soap and hot water before using.

The mold’s seam will need to be sealed to make it watertight. Mix up a little more silicone compound and use it like putty to seal all the way around the mold. After the silicone hardens, test the mold by filling it with water, and patch any leaks if necessary. (Modeling clay or a similar material might work also, but we wanted it to be watertight.)

For a single colored popsicle, prepare the desired liquid and pour into the mold, filling it almost to the top. Place in the freezer and let freeze until the liquid is slushy and partially frozen. Insert a popsicle stick, leaving a couple of inches exposed. Freeze until hard.

For a multi-colored popsicle, prepare the desired liquids and pour the first layer into the mold. Allow to freeze until solid, then pour in the second layer, freeze, and so on. The point at which you insert the popsicle stick will depend on how long your dildo is. When the level of liquid gets to within 2 inches of the top of the mold or higher, let it freeze to a semi-solid state and insert the stick. This should hold the stick in place while you pour the final layer(s).

In order to unmold the popsicle, the seal around the mold will need to be broken. Cut through it along the seam with a utility knife, being careful not to cut the original mold too much. Separate the mold halves.

To reuse the mold, wash both halves with soap and water and allow to dry. The seam will need to be resealed for each use.


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