Frottage Frumpkin

Frottage Frumpkin

Step 1: Outline the pattern

Outline the areas to cut on the side of your pumpkin. The oval area at the
top is the clit stimulator, and the circular area is the vaginal plug;
these will both be raised. The channels on either side will be carved away
to make room for your labia when you sit on it.

Step 2: Dig in

Carve away the channels around and between the clit stimulator and vaginal
plug, being careful not to cut all the way through the pumpkin flesh.
Carve some ridges into the clit stimulator for an extra exciting texture.

Step 3: Wrap it up

Wrap the pumpkin in one or two layers of plastic wrap. Squirt some lube onto the plastic covering the contact area if desired. This will increase sensation.

Step 3: Grind on it

Set the pumpkin on the floor, bed, or a sturdy low table. Straddle and
mount it, positioning your clit over the stimulating ridge and your vagina
over the plug. Lower yourself until the vaginal plug penetrates you, and
then grind away till you cum.


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