Glove Love

Glove Love

Step 1: Fill the glove with goo

Roll up the cuff of a latex glove and scoop some pumpkin goop into it
until the hand is full. Leave room in the fingers for the goop to expand.

Step 2: Push it through a cardboard tube

Insert the glove full of goo into a toilet paper or paper towel tube fingers first. Squeeze into a cylindrical shape to get it to fit. Pull the fingers through the bottom of the tube.

Step 3: Tie it with a rubber band

Unroll the cuff of the glove over the outside of the tube and secure with
a rubber band.

Step 4: Feel the gooey goodness


Slide your hard cock into the glove and sink into the slippery wet pumpkin

– Heat for 10 seconds in the microwave to warm it up.
– For less mess, insert a plastic bag or another empty latex glove into
the center of the goo-filled tube and secure around the top with a rubber
band. Squirt some lube inside.


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