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New Tiger Toys Have Major Wood

tigerwoods.jpgRight about on schedule, following the revelation of his extramarital dalliances and subsequent public apology, Tiger Woods has joined Sarah Palin among the ranks of celebrities immortalized as sex dolls.

Pipedreams has come out with a complete line of Tiger Woods sex toy products, including the Tuggin' Tiger Wind-Up, the Take-Home Tiger Love Doll , and the Tiger's Wood Cover 4-inch condom - complete with the requisite wood, iron, and hole jokes.

Well, given how Tiger's sexcapades have damaged his professional career, at least he still has *some* options left for product endorsements. We're waiting for Viagra to pick him up as a pitchman sometime soon.

Tickle Me Roxxy

Thumbnail image for fembot.jpgIf you thought that the RealDoll was the ultimate in realistic sex toys, a New Jersey toy company just upped the ante. Last weekend at the Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas marked the debut of Roxxxy, "the world's first sex robot".

Before you get too excited, Roxxxy will not be giving you the robotic hand job you're fantasizing about. She doesn't move at all. Not even her mouth.

She does talk, though, and thanks to a computer program, can actually learn to converse about your favorite subjects, like football, World of Warcraft, and Family Guy. (But still, she doesn't move her mouth while she's talking, which just adds to the creepiness factor.) You can also customize her personality, with choices ranging from a mature MILF to a kinky sex kitten. And she has touch sensors so she can respond with appropriate vocalizations when you engage her in various acts.

So, basically what you have here is the equivalent of a Furby or Tickle Me Elmo for lonely, pervy guys. Seems a bit silly? Well, we're not here to judge.

If you'd like your own inanimate girlfriend (or boyfriend) but don't have $9,000 to shell out, check out our tutorial on how to make a DIY Sex Doll.

News: Scientists Say the G-Spot Is a Myth

g-spot.jpgBad news, ladies: That new G-spot vibrator you got? It was a waste of money, because according to new research, your G-spot doesn't exist. Or does it?

Researchers at King's College in London went on a quest for the elusive G-spot, and say they came up empty handed. Their conclusion: the G-spot is a figment of women's imagination - i.e., you have one if you think you do.

Wait, what? This is setting female sexuality back 50 years. Plenty of women who enjoy G-spot stimulation will assure you that they are not just making it up. There's a reason people make such a big deal about it. It's not like the G-spot was fabricated as a gimmick to sell sex manuals and specially designed toys. (Although, if the G-spot did turn out to be a hoax, that would take a big bite out of the marital aid market.)

There are more than a few problems with this study. First, the data collected was based on participants' self-reported experiences. It's odd that, in a study seeking a physiological basis for the G-spot, none of the women were even physically examined.

Second, it didn't take into account the type of sex the women were having. Well, it did, sort of. The study excluded lesbians and bisexual women - and those are the folks who are more likely than most to know where the G-spot is and how to work it. How many husbands know where their wives' G-spots are?

This question was settled a long time ago. There is a G-spot - the urethral sponge and the surrounding tissue. It's located between the front side of the vaginal wall and the pubic bone, near the bladder. There are a lot of nerves there, plus the glands that make women squirt during female ejaculation. Pressure on this area may produce the sensation of having to pee, and it will result in some mind-blowing orgasms. Of course, everyone's body is different, so your mileage may vary.

But don't take my word for it - or some lab jockeys'. Seek out the G and you shall find it. Happy G-spotting!

News: They Did It for Science

Researcher_sm.jpgA new study at Duke University is stirring up some controversy. Animal experimentation, perhaps? Nope. It's not about testing on rabbits, it's about rabbit vibrators.

An economics professor at Duke is recruiting female students to participate in a study that involves them going to Tupperware style sex toy parties, buying toys at a discount, and filling out some surveys. Sounds great!

But apparently some people feel this research doesn't reflect well on an academic institution or promote values the University should represent. Said one detractor, "It's not fostering relationships, and it seems to me that one of the things that we want young people to do is to figure out how to have deep, intimate friendships and relationships."

Well, we think buying sex toys with your friends and classmates is a perfect way to foster intimate friendships, don't you? And if it benefits higher learning, all the better.

News: No Good Vibes in Alabama

Alabama.jpgOur sympathies go out to our readers in Alabama. Thanks to a recent state supreme court ruling, these folks still can't go down to the neighborhood dildo shop and buy a butt plug or vibe - it's illegal to sell or distribute sex toys in the state. It's OK to use one in the privacy of your own home, but good luck getting your hands on one. A gun, however, you can pick up at any Wal-Mart.

Alabama has a long history of policing citizens' bedroom behavior, and until six years ago, it was one of the few states that still had sodomy laws on the books. Retailers have been fighting the sex toy ban for years, but just suffered another blow as an appeal was knocked down and the law was upheld, under the auspices of "public morality". The innocuously named sex toy retailer "Love Stuff" is challenging the ruling once again.

But, in the meantime, horny Alabamans will have to find alternative ways to get pervy playthings - by ordering online (if companies will ship there), hopping a state line to go dildo shopping, holding clandestine Passion Parties (we love the idea of housewives buying vibrators like Tupperware), or of course, making their own fun gadgets. And that's what we're here for. Thank goodness they can't legislate the sale of cucumbers and electric toothbrushes!

Wrap Up Your Sex Toy

The condom manufacturer "Huge Brand" just announced the launch of their "Toy Covers" - condoms for your sex toys. So, um...why not just use regular condoms (which is what we've been recommending for years)? At first blush this looks like a case of rebranding and repackaging an existing product as something new: same condoms, different box.

But the maker says these "sanitary barriers" are specially designed to be used with toys. They don't have a reservoir tip, and they're supposedly stronger than regular condoms to resist breakage.

Breakage isn't as big an issue with a dildo as it is with the real deal, but on the other hand, if the size of your toy stretches the limits of a standard condom and busts them on a regular basis, you might want to invest in something tougher. The price of the toy covers is comparable to that of regular condoms.

Bottom line: It's a good idea to cover your toys with a condom, for safety reasons and to make clean up quick and easy. But if you're using regular rubbers for that purpose and they're working for you, there's probably no reason to use a special product.

Doggie Doll Redux

You'll have to excuse us for being little skeptical when we heard about a new sex toy - for pooches. The  prosaicly named DoggieLoveDoll debuted this week at a pet trade show in Brazil.

The prototype is a dog-shaped dummy made of red plastic, with a rubber orifice (not clear if it's a vagina or anus, so it doesn't matter which way Fido swings).

This product is being touted as "the world's first dog sex toy", but it looks awfully familiar. Perhaps you remember the HotDoll from a couple of years ago?

Despite all the hype, the HotDoll never materialized. Apparently it was just an attention-getting gimmick for a European design agency. But we have to say it was a lot more aesthetically pleasing than the DoggieLoveDoll.

Just compare the sleek, sensuous curves of the HotDoll with the chunky, seamed plastic of this newcomer. Which one would you rather hump?

Is the DoggieLoveDoll genuine, or is it just another hoax product put out to promote its "manufacturer", Petsmiling? We'll believe it's the real deal when we see it at Petco.

Vibrate Your Way to Health

vibrator.jpgA new study confirms what many women (and many men) have known all along: vibrator users don't just have a healthy glow - they actually are healthier, sexually anyway. Women who use vibrators, either alone or with a partner, are more likely to have had a recent gynecological exam, are more likely to have done a recent genital self-exam, and have better overall sexual functioning than average. The same goes for men who use vibrators (except the gynecological part).

We can't claim that there's any cause and effect here, or that using a vibrator is necessarily going to make you healthier or more sexually functional. But the correlation between vibrator use and sexual health only makes sense. In fact, if the study were expanded to include all sex toys, we wouldn't be surprised if it yielded similar results. People who are comfortable using sex toys are probably going to be more in touch with their bodies and their sexual and reproductive organs, and more aware of sexual and reproductive health issues.

More good news from this study: vibrator users rarely report any side effects. Another interesting bit of data: about half of Americans use vibrators (53% of women surveyed, and 45% of men). We don't know if they counted the folks who use electric toothbrushes, cell phones, vibrating game controllers, or other homemade devices. 

News: Farewell to the King of the Crotch Grab

MJ.jpgNews broke earlier today that one of the icons of our time, Michael Jackson, has passed away, after suffering an apparent cardiac arrest at home.

While the world mourns a musical legend and cable news loops video clips of his career, we'd like to spotlight a different aspect of the King of Pop's legacy: how his work celebrated both the joy and pain of self-love.

The Crotch Grab - MJ just couldn't keep his hands off his junk. Any chronic 'bator can relate to that.

The Glove - Who knows what the glove was really about? Splotchy skin? Whatever. But we can think of one good reason to wear a single glove - to keep your dominant hand smooth and supple for stroking.

Beat It
- It's too obvious. But no, you say, It's not about that kind of beating. Yeah, OK, it's about gang fights. But come on - it's a song with a propulsive, throbbing rhythm, repeating several dozen times a popular term for masturbation. Even if it doesn't mean anything, it still means something.

Check out the video, where we see Michael at the beginning, lying alone on his bed. The vid
culminates in a vaguely homoerotic knife fight/dance off - circle jerk, perhaps? The moral of the tale? Don't go out and get in gang fights, kids; be safe, stay home and beat off.

The Panther Dance - This infamous sequence was edited out of MTV's version of the video for Black or White, after complaints from concerned mothers that it was too suggestive. We'd call it more than that.

Michael stands bracing himself as the wind picks up, blowing his clothes back against his body. What's that? It looks like he has a boner. Another gust of wind. Yes, there is definitely something sticking up in his pants. MJ gets down Fred Astaire style, then after a few quick passing swipes at his crotch, he grabs hold of his package full on and jerks it in an up and down motion for a few seconds. Some folks interpreted this as him fiddling with his zipper, but it's pretty clear what he's actually fiddling with.

In the Closet - We're not even going to comment on this song's title. That's another issue altogether. But there's nothing surreptitious about this song's lyrics. They get right to the point:
It's just desire
I really love it
'Cause if it's aching
You have to rub it

You Really Got a Hold on Me - This song is addressed to a lover, but you could just as easily sing it to your right hand, and it would make perfect sense:
You really got a hold on me
You really got a hold on me, yeah
I love you and all I want you to do is hold me,
Hold me, hold me.

Man in the Mirror
I've been the victim of a selfish
Kind of love.

Those words sum up so well the loneliness and narcissism of a chronic masturbator. This song reaches out to those isolated by their addiction, telling them there is hope: You know/You've got to stop it...You got to not let yourself."

News: Mel B Blasts Off With a Pocket Rocket

We like this girl's attitude. Former Spice Girl Mel B was totally upfront in an interview with British mag Closer, speaking candidly about her enjoyment of sexual accessories like sex toys and lingerie.

"My advice to women who are unfulfilled in the bedroom is to invest in a sex toy. I use a little vibrator called a Pocket Rocket - and it does the trick every time."

Mel brings up a good point that many people overlook - toys are even more fun when they're shared:

"The good thing about sex toys is you can use them by yourself or with your partner. My husband and I have a great time together."

We salute Mel for her openness and frank discussion of the use and advantages of sex toys. Many people feel ashamed or embarrassed about using them. That's one of the reasons many people choose to make their own toys at home out of common materials - to avoid the embarrassment of buying them and having them around the house.

The more public figures and celebrities speak out about sex toys, the less they will be stigmatized. Say it loud: I use sex toys and I'm proud!

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