Reader Suggestion: Just Add Water

florist1.jpgWe often get emails from readers describing their own favorite DIY sex toys, and sometimes they come up with some pretty innovative uses for materials. A couple of readers alerted us to the perv potential of the super absorbent polymers used by florists and gardeners to supply moisture to plants. These can soak up over a hundred times their weight in water and expand from tiny grains or beads into what look like small chunks or marble-sized spheres of Jell-O.

Our readers suggested hydrating a few tablespoons of the granules inside a plastic bag or latex glove, and then inserting your business directly into the squishy stuff. While that would probably provide more interesting sensations, we’re not sure how safe this material is for direct skin contact, especially in a sensitive area. So we built a polymer-filled masturbator with a liner.

florist2.jpgFirst we cut the top off of a 20 oz. plastic soda bottle, then used duct tape to cover the rough edge of the plastic. We added some of the polymer crystals (we used way more than needed – probably just two spoonfuls would have been adequate) and poured in some water. We added in some food coloring for appearance and to make the crystals more visible for demonstration purposes.

florist5.jpgAfter mixing the water and crystals and getting them rehydrated to a volume that filled the bottle, we took a plastic produce bag and pushed it down into the center of what was now a granular, gelatinous mush. (We tried using a condom, but the part stretched around the opening kept breaking.)


Cut off the top of the bag, leaving a few inches above the top, tape the edge down around the outside, and there you go.

This masturbator could be used multiple times – just replace the liner. And if the crystals start to dry out, just add more H20.

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