Homemade Sex Toy: Fun in the Sun


Beach Pail Pussy

Many readers have recommended water wings (inflatable arm bands) as a male masturbation device. Now that summer’s here, it’s time to try this one out. If the thong bikinis and firm, oiled flesh are getting you worked up, relieve some of the tension with a discreet seaside sex toy made from common beach accoutrements.



  • Small plastic beach pail
  • Child-sized water wing inflatable armband
  • Sunscreen or lotion



Pick a flat area on the beach to position your device. Dig a hole in the sand large enough and deep enough to accommodate the bucket so that the top is just flush with the surface of the sand. An ideal spot will have dry sand on the surface, and slightly damp sand a couple of inches underneath. This will make it easier to dig the hole without the sand continually sliding back in.


Fit the bucket into the hole and push sand up around the outside of the bucket to brace it in place. Try not to get too much sand in the bucket or on the rim of the bucket.

Inflate the water wing and adjust to your desired tightness. If it has two air chambers, you may want to inflate one more than the other for variations in pressure and texture.


Insert the water wing into the bucket. Be careful not to get sand on the surface of the vinyl. This can cause discomfort and genital skin damage. If the water wing is partially inflated, put the less inflated part on top and arrange into labial folds if desired. Give it a moment to warm in the sun, but don’t let it get too hot!d

Squirt some sunscreen or lotion into the water wing. Laying face down over the bucket, insert your penis into the center and hump away. With your body stretched out in the sand or on a beach blanket, you can work on your tan and no one will be able to see what’s going on underneath you. When you’re finished, rinse everything out in the ocean and build a sandcastle.

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