Doggie Doll Redux


You’ll have to excuse us for being little skeptical when we heard about a new sex toy – for pooches. The  prosaicly named DoggieLoveDoll debuted this week at a pet trade show in Brazil.

The prototype is a dog-shaped dummy made of red plastic, with a rubber orifice (not clear if it’s a vagina or anus, so it doesn’t matter which way Fido swings).

This product is being touted as “the world’s first dog sex toy”, but it looks awfully familiar. Perhaps you remember the HotDoll from a couple of years ago?

Despite all the hype, the HotDoll never materialized. Apparently it was just an attention-getting gimmick for a European design agency. But we have to say it was a lot more aesthetically pleasing than the DoggieLoveDoll.

Just compare the sleek, sensuous curves of the HotDoll with the chunky, seamed plastic of this newcomer. Which one would you rather hump?

Is the DoggieLoveDoll genuine, or is it just another hoax product put out to promote its “manufacturer”, Petsmiling? We’ll believe it’s the real deal when we see it at Petco.

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