Weird Toy of the Week: Double Fister


Talk about a one-two punch! If you find that one fist isn’t doing it for you, get a two-fer with this toy.

We love the blasé tone of the description:

“This PVC double fist is a fairly standard double fisting device. It’s firmly built, so you can ram it in hard. It has great attention to detail, all the way down to the fingernails. This is the perfect toy for all of your double fisting needs.”

It’s so important to get the right tool for the job.

The blurb for the Caucasian flesh-tone duo fist is even more enlightening: what we have here is actually a female fist followed by a male fist. Why it’s important to specify the respective genders of the hands, we’re not sure – maybe so users can feel secure in their bisexuality, or to offer something for everyone. Anyway, you can imagine yourself getting fisted by a couple while you use this thing. Since they’re both right hand fists, it makes sense that they couldn’t belong to the same person.

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