Handy Household Sex Toy Tips

Sex toys aren’t just for fun in the bedroom – they have many practical uses in your home and office. Here are a few suggestions for repurposing some of your favorites. Pull out those long forgotten toys and put them to work!

Buttplug Doorstop

Protect your walls from unsightly marks. A silicone buttplug mounts easily on the baseboard and won’t mar the paint on your door.

Fake Pussy Beer Cozy

Slip a stretchy vagina masturbation toy over your bottle to keep your beer cold and your hands dry. Bonus: every time you take a swig, you get a faceful of pussy.

Rabbit Vibe Hand Blender

Use a Rabbit Vibe to mix up a single serving smoothie right in your glass. The rotating motion of the shaft blends the ingredients. Also works great mixing hot chocolate or pureeing cream soups.

Nipple Clamp Eyeglass Keepers

A practical fashion accessory for the naughty librarian in your life.

Double Penetrator Coat Hooks

Closet too small? Mount a DP dildo anywhere you need an extra place to hang coats or hats.

Handjob Candle Holder

Lifelike Cyberskin masturbators can make unique candleholders. These handjob simulators lend your d&#233cor a touch of the surreal, à la Jean Cocteau and the Addams Family.

Penis Extension Handlebar Grips

Worn out the handlebar grips on your bike? Soft, grippy Cyberskin penis extensions give your hands the ultimate cushioning against shocks and bumps while cycling. Feel pure comfort, not the road.

Anal Bead Dipstick

When your oil level gets down to the first two beads, it’s time to fill up on lube.

Car Vacuum/Blow Job Machine

Any mini-vac can hoover up the crumbs on your car upholstery, but this one will suck you dry too. Conveniently plugs into your car’s cigarette lighter.

Cock Ring Napkin Holder

A daring yet elegant look for your dinner table. Martha would approve.

Buttplug Drain Stopper

Rubber sink stoppers are always getting lost. Next time you need one, stuff a buttplug in the drain hole. Keep a variety of sizes on hand for your different drains.

Cock Ring Cable Keeper

Unruly computer cables? Snap this on and keep them subdued.

Buttplug Winestopper

To keep an opened bottle of wine from going bad, stick a buttplug in the neck. A slender beginner’s model works best.

Double Dildo Keyboard Wrist Rest

Cushion your wrists and keep them in proper typing position by resting them on a soft jelly double dildo. Many different lengths are available to fit your keyboard size.

Fake Pussy Mouse Pad Wrist Rest

A velvety soft Cyberskin pussy male sex toy can provide ergonomic support for your hand and wrist while mousing.


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