Fun With Food: Potatoes

potato.jpgThe humble spud might not strike you as the sexiest veggie in the produce aisle, but you’ll look at them differently when you check out this reader suggestion for making a potato-bator:

“A melon is a great masturbation toy, but after a few minutes of use the hole becomes too large for pleasure.  Instead, I suggest using a potato.  They’re small enough and cheap enough to purchase in quantity, but can be large enough to fit even J. Holmes himself. 

Cut both ends, bore out a hole with a drill and a bit (spade bits usually are the easiest) and warm a few seconds in the microwave.  Lube it up and go.  Make sure the walls are at least a quarter inch thick between the hole and the skin. Stick the potato in a couch cushion or bed mattress with a towel.

The best part is when you shoot your load, your cock flexes. If you kept the wall thick enough, it won’t bust and it feels like a woman clenching back down on your dick when she comes too!  Clean up is as easy as tossing the potato in the garbage disposal.  Then nobody can find the evidence.  Buy a ten-pound bag for a weekend squirt-fest.”

We wonder how this would work with a baked potato. You’d probably need to wrap it in something to keep it from falling apart. Another serving suggestion: mashed potatoes. Make some from cooked potatoes or whip up some instant from a box, fill a jar or tall cup, insert your dick, and keep mashing away.

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