Sex Toy News: Sex Doll Stars at Cannes

doll.jpgFilmgoers at the Cannes Film Festival were treated yesterday to the world premiere of “Air Doll”, a Japanese feature film whose leading lady is…a blow up doll. We’d love to see the red carpet pics for that one.

This sounds like a remake of Pinocchio, set in an adult video store: blow up doll comes to life and becomes human through the power of love, and hot air. Says director Hirokazu Kore-eda,

“She has a rich life because of the way she lives and the way she’s in contact with other people, and of course she needs someone else to put air inside her,” he said.

Kore-eda didn’t make his doll an idealized woman; she has a few seams showing:

“What I wanted to show is a doll that grows from a baby, then becomes a child and then a woman. And at the end she kills her boyfriend,” he said. “So she is more realistic, and that comes with love.”

Yeah, killing your boyfriend – only human.

Weird as all this sounds, it can’t possible be creepier than “Lars and the Real Girl”, which featured the unnerving screen presence of an actual Real Doll.

If you’d like to cast your own film with a blow up co-star, there’s plenty of inflatable talent available – just peruse all these sex dolls.You can even hire a porn star doll. They work for cheap and there’s no off-screen diva tantrums to deal with.

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