DP Pumpkin

DP Pumpkin

Step 1: Cut two "lids" in the side of the pumpkin

For each dildo, trace and cut two sets of concentric circles. The inner circle should be the diameter of the dildo, the outer circle about an inch wider in diameter than the base of the dildo. Cut the inner circle straight through, and cut the outer circle at a shallow inward angle.

Step 2: Fit the dildos into the pumpkin

Carve the underside of each "lid" so that the base of the dildo fits into it flushly. Insert the dildo into the center hole, trace the base around the under side with a knife, and use a spoon to scoop out the pumpkin flesh to hollow out a niche.

Step 3: Position the peckers

Situate the two dildos in the pumpkin and set it in place on the floor, bed, or a sturdy coffee table.

Step 4: Sit on it

Straddle the pumpkin and insert the larger dildo first, into your pussy. Lower yourself onto the pumpkin and insert the smaller dildo into your anus (use lube!). Sit and grind on the two cocks till you reach orgasm.


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