Glow-in-the-Dark Sex Toys

new! 10/15/18

What could be more in the spirit of Halloween than a disembodied glowing dildo? Enact your alien abduction and probing fantasy with a luminescent vibrator, or play demonic lover with a glowing cock ring. If nothing else, it’s easier to find your toys when the lights go out.

Happy Hallow-weenie everybody!

Dem bones, dem bones, dem boners

Ectoplasmic ghost jizz

Time Lapse Photos

Not all glow-in-the-dark products are created equal, so we tested out a few different types of glowing sex toys to see how they performed. We turned off the lights and photographed these toys at 5-minute intervals (using 75-second exposures). Most of them lost their luster after the first 5 minutes, but some still glowed on into the night.

This hefty dildo lit up like a light bulb, and even after half an hour, still had some light left in it.

You could read by the light of this mini-vibe at first, but it faded after 15 minutes

Toys that glowed the brightest and longest were those made from white or light green material, while other colors had a considerably dimmer wattage.

You can see how different materials and colors performed. The Cyberskin dildo and orange vibrator glowed, but not nearly as bright as the other toys.

The orange glow-in-the-dark vibrator (at right) was not the brightest of the bunch

Tips for Using Glow in the Dark Toys

Just a few minutes – Most glow-in-the-dark materials reach their maximum charge with just few minutes near a direct, bright light. The material also absorbs heat energy from the light source, so if you set the toy near a warm incandescent or halogen bulb, it will really charge up. Don’t get too close though – you don’t want to melt your dildo. If you’re using a single bright light source, it’s a good idea to turn the toy a few times to evenly expose all of the sides and give it an even “tan,” otherwise you’ll have light and dark patches.

A bright halogen utility light will supercharge your glowing toys

Take cover – They aren’t radioactive, but sex toys that glow in the dark are mostly made of more “chemical-y” materials (the kind with the “new car” smell), and may contain ingredients that could cause irritation or have other health effects. Wash the items thoroughly before use (and after) and cover them with a condom. If it’s a clear condom most of the glow should come through. You could even use a glow in the dark condom.

Recharge as needed – Most items we tried glowed for between 10 to 20 minutes. Most of the glow fades during the first 5 minutes, then steadily decreases. Fifteen or so minutes will probably be long enough to do whatever you need to do, but if you need to recharge, it won’t take long. About 30 seconds close up under a bright light will bring the glow back to most items. Just keep a light nearby to switch on as necessary.

Getting Creative

We had some fun playing around with some other glow-in-the-dark props. Glow in the dark toys also look spectacular under black light.

Please also check the alternatives for women here.

Cock ring toss – bullseye!

Glow-on-glow action with a glowing fake pussy and a vibrator


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