Vibrate Your Way to Health

vibrator.jpgA new study confirms what many women (and many men) have known all along: vibrator users don’t just have a healthy glow – they actually are healthier, sexually anyway. Women who use vibrators, either alone or with a partner, are more likely to have had a recent gynecological exam, are more likely to have done a recent genital self-exam, and have better overall sexual functioning than average. The same goes for men who use vibrators (except the gynecological part).

We can’t claim that there’s any cause and effect here, or that using a vibrator is necessarily going to make you healthier or more sexually functional. But the correlation between vibrator use and sexual health only makes sense. In fact, if the study were expanded to include all sex toys, we wouldn’t be surprised if it yielded similar results. People who are comfortable using sex toys are probably going to be more in touch with their bodies and their sexual and reproductive organs, and more aware of sexual and reproductive health issues.

More good news from this study: vibrator users rarely report any side effects. Another interesting bit of data: about half of Americans use vibrators (53% of women surveyed, and 45% of men). We don’t know if they counted the folks who use electric toothbrushes, cell phones, vibrating game controllers, or other homemade devices. 

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