Thigh Exerciser Sex Toy


Don’t pretend those infomercials don’t give you ideas – all those thighs squeezing tight on hard tubing. We’ve gone one step further. By harnessing the motion and strategic positioning of this exerciser we’ve created a simple yet elegant human-powered love machine. Have some extra fun while burning off inches and calories. Not available in stores!


ThighMaster-style exerciser
Vibrator or dildo
Bicycle reflector with adjustable seatpost bracket
Rubber shim
L-shaped metal bracket with three holes
Utility knife
Assorted nuts, bolts, and washers


Pull the foam rubber cushion off one arm of the ThighMaster by working it around the curve in the wire. Do this carefully to avoid damaging the foam. It doesn’t really need to be removed completely, but it will make working on the ThighMaster easier. Push the foam on the other side away from the center a few inches.

Pull the plastic housing up to expose the central coil and slide it down the wire a few inches. Repeat with the other half of the housing so the coil is completely exposed.

Remove the nuts and screws from the reflector seatpost bracket and set aside. The bracket should have an adjustable joint with teeth like the one shown, which allows the reflector angle to be adjusted and locked in place.

Remove the nuts and screws that attach the bracket to the reflector. The reflector can be discarded or reused elsewhere. The screw and bolt attaching the reflector will probably be too short to be used in this project, but make sure you keep the screws and bolts that close the circular bracket.

Use appropriately sized screws and nuts to attach the plastic bracket to the metal bracket. We used size 10 (3/32″) screws and nuts, and lock washers. The metal bracket we used came from a similar bike reflector, so the holes matched up perfectly. The plastic bracket should be attached so the locking joint extends past the end of the metal bracket. While some of these photos show the locking joint facing the same direction as the other leg of the metal bracket, we eventually flipped it over so it was facing the opposite way – this allowed a greater degree of freedom in adjusting the dildo angle.

The bracket will be attached at the apex of the ThighMaster. After sliding through a slot cut in the plastic housing, the metal piece of the bracket will be held in place by a screw fitted between the last two loops of the central coil. To determine where to position the bracket and where to cut the slot, hold the metal bracket against the center of the coil so the hole aligns with the last space between the wires and note its overall position. Make sure the bracket rests flat against the coil and check the angle to make sure the top arm is perpendicular to the coil. Replace the plastic housing and hold the bracket on the outside of the housing, approximating the position that it will be bolted in. Mark the housing at the top of the bracket at the right angle. This is where you will cut the slot to thread the bracket through.

Pull the housing back again and cut a slot to fit the metal bracket at the location that you marked. The slot will help hold the bracket in place, so it is important that it be sized and positioned correctly. Err on the side of making it too small, then adjust if needed.


Insert the bracket and test its fit and positioning against the outside of the spring coil and the alignment of the screw hole. Adjust the size of the slot if necessary.


Insert a screw into the bottom hole and slide it between the last two coils of the spring. You may have to move the screw to the side and push it in between the coils while holding the spring slightly open. When the screw is in the correct position, secure it with a nut. A washer between the screw head and the bracket will help level and stabilize things. Slide the other half of the plastic housing back into place. It will have to go over the screw head. For this reason, you want to use a screw or bolt here that has a low-profile head.


Insert the base of the vibrator or dildo in the circular part of the plastic bracket. Use the rubber shim to get the right fit if necessary. Replace the screw that closes the holder and tighten it securely. The vibrator that we used has a control dial on the bottom, so we positioned the clamp so that the dial could still be moved.

Attach the dildo and clamp to the rest of the bracket, using the original screw. Adjust the dildo to the desired angle and tighten the screw to lock it into place. Experiment with different angles until you find one that hits the right spot.


How to Use

The exerciser can be used sitting, standing, or lying down.
To use in a seated position: Sit on the edge of a chair and place the padded handles between your thighs with the plastic housing pointing down. Angle the vibrator upward so that it can be inserted or positioned for external stimulation. Squeeze thighs together and repeat.

To use lying down: Adjust the angle of the vibrator so it is pointing straight out and away from the curved handles. Lie on your back with your knees slightly bent and position the vibrator. Place the padded handles between your knees and squeeze. As the exerciser is compressed and released, the vibrator will move in an in-and-out movement.

To work out the upper body, stand holding the padded handles of the exerciser, with the plastic cap pointing down and the vibrator angled toward you and positioned between your legs. Squeeze the handles together and repeat.

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