Men: Toothbrush in the Shower/Bath

Men: Toothbrush in the Shower/Bath

Brush Up

I like to take a toothbrush and stick it in my anus. I get into the shower and sit up straight so that it gets as deep as possible. This feels great and there is no pain. Then you can jack off and move up and down just like you�re riding a real cock. It feels GREAT!

Brushing and Beating

I love to masturbate in the shower. When I’m whacking off, I love to lay down on my back and put my legs in the air. I start masturbating and halfway through, I shove (gently) a nice sized toothbrush up my ass and push in and out while beating off. God is the orgasm intense!!

Refreshing Shower

In the shower I love to take a tube of cool mint toothpaste. The mint makes an intense feeling while you stroke. Keep applying the paste with water to your hand and cum like never before.

Better Than Sex

I was in the shower one day looking for a lube… I looked outside of the shower and found a tube of toothpaste. I thought why not, and took a risk. It was the greatest sensation I have ever felt in my life. Much better then sex.

The Altoid Effect

This is one that I do every so often but should not be done all the time. All you need to do is use toothpaste as sort of a lube, but only in the shower, so you can mix water with it and if need to wash it off fast. This works the same as having the Altoid in your mouth when giving oral sex, and it may also work for women.

Makes You Scream

I was spanking the monkey in the shower. I had usually used some kind of lube such as shampoo or conditioner (conditioner was way better, BTW). I can’t remember exactly why I decided to use toothpaste but I do remember trying to hold back the wild scream building up.

Caught by Coach

One morning after I had just finished weightlifting, I felt really horny. So I went into the showers alone and started whacking off with toothpaste. I was holding the toothpaste tube in one hand, and whacking off with the other, when the gym coach walked in to take the dirty towels and heard me moaning and whacking. As soon as he saw me I wasn’t horny anymore, and never had orgasm.


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