Men: Homemade Toothbrush Sex Toys

Men: Homemade Toothbrush Sex Toys

Toothpaste Penis Pump

A few weeks ago I created new masturbation device:
get an empty toothpaste tube made from plastic and cut off the flat end. Hold the tube under the faucet and rinse out all the toothpaste residue. Then take a flexible plastic hose (4 mm diameter) an fit it into the screw end of the tube. To use, put the empty toothpaste tube over your penis, insert the plastic hose in your mouth and suck on it to make a vacuum.

Toothpaste Toy

Get one of those toothpaste containers that are round with a one inch bottom and about 6 inches long. Take all the toothpaste out and pull out the insides. Clean out and then put the top back on. Lubricate with your favorite lube. Insert your dick in the toothpaste holder and go to it.

Pussy Case

You take a toothbrush travel case, you turn your sink on as hot as it can get and pull the lever to clog it. Then your take the case apart (it pulls apart into two different pieces)and put both pieces into the hot water. While this is happening go ahead and lube up; use whatever you want, it doesn’t matter. Then just put a half around your dick and enjoy! You can also put stuff into the tube like oatmeal or liquids. Don’t use lube cause it makes it harder to get your dick in. Then close your eyes and dream of a nice, tight, damp pussy.

Grape Jelly

Take a one gallon plastic freezer bag, they’re more durable. Fill w/ one pound frozen seedless grapes, must be seedless, or the seeds will get stuck in your urethra. Add 1 full, large tube of extra whitening gel toothpaste; must be gel to get the natural feeling; shake well. Refreeze the mixture. Put the bag between two large pillows and go at it. For women, insert small handful of grapes into anal or vaginal cavity and enjoy!


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