FAQ: Since You Assed

Today we present an all-anal edition of Sex Toy Questions. Because we don’t want you doing anything half-assed.
Q: As a guy, I have only just discovered the pleasure of a vibrator and have started to use one in my ass.  I have an important medical shortly for a work-related insurance policy.  When the doctor examines me, will he know I have been inserting a vibrator in my ass?

A: No, he won’t be able to tell. When he inserts a gloved finger into your rectum, he’s going to be checking your prostate for enlargement or lumps. Using a vibrator won’t cause any changes in your prostate (in fact, it may make your prostate healthier!), and inserting a vibrator anally will not cause any changes in your rectal tissue or muscles. Unless you are unusually sore or inflamed, he won’t be able to tell a thing.

Q: Can I insert an anal probe into my vagina?

A: Sure, there’s no reason you can’t use an anal toy for vaginal insertion. But be careful if it has previously been in your ass. If you are going to mix your anal and vaginal toys, you need to be scrupulous about hygiene. Wash everything with antibacterial soap and hot water, or boil them if they’re silicone. If your anal probe is long and slender, use some care. The vaginal canal will stretch to accommodate depth, but sudden jabbing could cause internal bruises.

Q: G-spot vibrators and prostate vibrators seem to have some similarities in design. Can a G-spot vibrator be used on the prostate to achieve orgasm?

A: Absolutely. In fact, the prostate is sometimes referred to as “the male G-spot” (or the “P-spot”). Toys that are curved or have a bump designed to hit the G-spot can just as easily be inserted anally and used to put pressure on the prostate. G-spot toys tend to be a little bigger than prostate toys, so start out small if you’re new to anal stimulation.

Q: How do you keep an anal toy from popping out while you’re moving?

A: We assume you mean moving around in bed, not walking down the street. Either way, if you want an anal toy that stays put, you really need to get a butt plug, or something butt-plug shaped, with a bulbous body, a narrow neck, and a wide flange. A toy with the right shape should stay put by itself. For extra security, get a butt plug harness – a belt-like device that keeps the plug strapped in. If you’re not doing anything too vigorous, try the wedgie method – insert the toy, put on a pair of tight undies, and pull them into your crack.

Q: Will anal beads get stuck in my ass?  Will I be able to get them out?

A: Anal beads and similarly constructed toys often have a pull ring on one end, so you can avoid losing them up there. If they don’t have a ring or handle, don’t insert the last bead or two, so you have something to grasp onto. If they do all go inside, don’t panic. Just bear down and you will probably be able to push out at least one bead, then grab them from there.

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