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Popcorn Pocket Pussy

To make this movie masturbator, you need: one cardboard popcorn bucket, an empty tube from a roll of toilet paper or paper towels, a latex glove, duct tape, a marker, scissors and an exacto knife.

Draw a circle

First empty the popcorn bucket. Position the toilet paper tube about two thirds of the way down the side, and trace around the outside of the tube with the marker. You can also position the hole on the bottom of the bucket, depending on the angle of your erection.

Cut the hole

Draw a small circle in the middle of the outline, and mark the circle into several wedge-shaped sections. Cut out the small inner circle with the exacto knife, then cut the inside lines from the middle to the outer edge of the large circle.

Insert the tube

Fold the triangular tabs inward. Insert the toilet paper tube into this hole in the side of the bucket.

Insert the latex glove

Insert the latex glove, fingers first, into the toilet paper tube and pull the fingers through the end. Fit the opening of the glove around the outside of the tube.

Pull the glove through the hole

Using your thumb or fingernail, press the edge of the latex glove into the space between the toilet paper tube and the cut and folded edge of the hole in the bucket. Hold the toilet paper tube in place and pull the edge of the latex glove past the tabs and into the inside of the bucket.

Secure with duct tape

Stabilize the tube with vertical strips of duct tape. Make sure the tape covers the tabs and the edge of the glove, and overlap the strips of tape as you go around the tube. Wrap it all with one long piece of duct tape around the tube.

Don't forget the lube!

Refill the bucket with popcorn to conceal your secret pocket pussy. Bring along some tissues and individual packets of lube. Then sit back and enjoy the show!



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