Wrap Up Your Sex Toy


The condom manufacturer “Huge Brand” just announced the launch of their “Toy Covers” – condoms for your sex toys. So, um…why not just use regular condoms (which is what we’ve been recommending for years)? At first blush this looks like a case of rebranding and repackaging an existing product as something new: same condoms, different box.

But the maker says these “sanitary barriers” are specially designed to be used with toys. They don’t have a reservoir tip, and they’re supposedly stronger than regular condoms to resist breakage.

Breakage isn’t as big an issue with a dildo as it is with the real deal, but on the other hand, if the size of your toy stretches the limits of a standard condom and busts them on a regular basis, you might want to invest in something tougher. The price of the toy covers is comparable to that of regular condoms.

Bottom line: It’s a good idea to cover your toys with a condom, for safety reasons and to make clean up quick and easy. But if you’re using regular rubbers for that purpose and they’re working for you, there’s probably no reason to use a special product.

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