The We-Vibe Nova: An Amazing G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator For Women Who Like It Wild! + a Special Discount Code For Our Readers

A good vibrator is hard to find. Or is it a hard vibrator is good to find? What about a firm yet flexible one that hunts down your g-spot better than Prince Charming hunted down Sleeping Beauty? This isn’t a fairytale, though; this is reality – a fine and fanciful certainty that’s going to the highest bidder. Thanks to advances in modern technology, that fantasy orgasm I’ve been searching for is finally possible.

You know what they say: Girls just want to have fun. Well, nothing is more fun than a using a well-made g-spot vibrator except maybe using one that’s high-tech and user-friendly. As it turns out, the We-Vibe Nova is all that (and a bucket of chicken). And while it may not be as fancy or expensive as some of the other sex toys out there, those qualities might actually be good things.

What Is the We-Vibe Nova Rechargeable App Controlled G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator?

As you may or may not have gathered already, the We-Vibe G-Spot Rabbit is a handheld vibrator, but it’s way more than what the relatively simple nomenclature might suggest. It’s an app-controlled sex toy with Bluetooth compatibility and it’s designed to solve the problem of losing clitoral contact while thrusting. But, if that doesn’t sound like a miracle of modern machinery, then listen up. The Nova is specially made for women like us who are sick and tired of lame and lazy vibrators with only one job description. In other words, this thing multitasks better than a stay-at-home mom with thirteen kids.

The Main Features

Perhaps the reason why the We-Vibe Nova is such a go-getter is the fact that it has so many impressive features. Aside from the uniquely arched arm that easily flexed with my body’s movements, the vibrating motors within it offered stout and steady stimulation to both my clitoris and my g-spot simultaneously. I’ve never got that kind of action with a standard penis, that’s for sure. Still, that tasty tandem stimulation is only half the story.

The Nova is also compatible with my smartphone via an app called We-Connect – a perk that’s been created and perfected by the We-Vibe folks who are responsible for making this marvelous masterpiece. The app-controlled feature allows for remote use and adds to the functionality of the toy. With 10 different modes of vibration, it was hard for me to imagine how its functionality could be improved upon, but it’s been done regardless. Not only do each of the vibe settings have adjustable intensity levels but, when used with the free app, can all be further tailored to my pussy’s prissy specifications. That’s a limitless variety of customizable patterns, ladies.

With all that power and variety, I figured the We-Vibe Nova would require bags of batteries, but the manufacturer has apparently thought of everything. This bad mamma-jamma is USB rechargeable in 90 minutes or less and provides a lengthy 2-hour play session with a full battery. Best of all, it’s super quiet, 100% waterproof, and made from silky skin-safe silicone. Oh yeah, and it has the following features as well:

  • A curved, ergonomic handle that fits snugly in the palm of your hand
  • A 5-button control interface on the handle for times when you don’t feel like using the app
  • Feel Technology and Feel Performer compatibility that allows for interactive sex sessions between lovers regardless of distance or location (a.k.a. the same technology used in Kiiroo products)
  • A base diameter of 1.25 inches
  • A circumference of 4.25 inches
  • An insertable length of 4.75 inches
  • No latex, rubbers, or phthalates

With a resume like that, it’s been difficult for me to find any flaws with this thing (although I was able to find a few that I will discuss shortly). For now, let’s just focus on the positive: The We-Vibe Nova is a (very) body-friendly sex toy that never needs batteries and can help you get busy with a lover on the other side of the world. Talk about a Globe Trotter.

What Comes in the Box?

Girls, don’t let the We-Vibe Nova box fool you. It may look like a cheap container, but there’s a lot of magic inside. Keep in mind, however, that I didn’t find any freebies like I usually do when I buy some of these other desperate sex toys out here. So, don’t expect any toy cleaners, lube samples, or fancy carrying cases with your purchase. In fact, I discovered little more than the basics when I opened up the box.

Here is what you get for the money:

  • The We-Vibe Nova Recharegeable App Controlled G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator (of course)
  • A magnetic USB charging cable
  • An instruction manual
  • A silky drawstring bag for safe keeping

While the drawstring bag served me nicely as a storage container, it certainly didn’t keep my Nova fully protected from the damage of falling objects and prying eyes. So, I chose to keep my toy in its original box when I wasn’t using it, albeit still inside the bag as well. Luckily, the box is compact enough to fit nicely in my bedside drawer so it’s still my dirty little secret.

How It Feels

I wrestled with a ton of graphic phrases to come up with one that would describe the We-Vibe Nova adequately, but none of them seemed to do it any justice. So, instead of settling on just one descriptor, I decided to be promiscuous with it because, let’s face it, that’s a whole lot easier. With all that said, the following 10 phrases are what kept coming to my mind when I was using the Nova:

  • If the Easter Bunny was as awesome as this rabbit, I might have been more enthusiastic at last year’s celebration.”
  • They say less is more, but ‘they’ must not have ever played with the limitless vibe functions of the Nova because this thing just blew that saying out of the water.”
  • Is it possible for a woman to fall in actual love with an inanimate object?”
  • I hope my lover doesn’t catch me playing with this thing alone because I’m pretty sure I’ve never moaned like this with them.”
  • I wish my man’s dick could do that.”
  • Now if I could just teach my lover how to tickle my clit AND stimulate my g-spot at the same time, we might not fight as much as we do.”
  • How am I gonna get a full pussy and a happy clitoris without having sex with several people at once? This is a miracle.”
  • This toy fits into my hand better than any dick I’ve ever held, plus it knows how to follow directions.”
  • I’m sure glad I paid my phone and internet bills this month.”
  • It’s too bad I didn’t learn how to use Bluetooth before now because this might have been easier if I had.”

As you can see from my internal monologue, I had a variety of mixed emotions about the We-Vibe Nova, but the majority of my thoughts leaned towards the positively astounded. It’s not that I haven’t tried a bunch of sex toys in my life, it’s just that most of the products I’ve used left much to be desired and didn’t impress me as much as this one did. I’m no newbie; I just know a good thing when I find it.


Comparatively speaking, the We-Vibe Nova Rechargeable App Controlled G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator stands apart from the competition in numerous ways. First off, it’s probably the most comfortable sex toy I’ve ever held, with a sleek and smooth handle that’s curved to match the shape of a human hand. Secondly, it makes most other sex toys look and feel like a joke because it’s feminine, colorful, and has virtually no limits on the types of sensations the user can create with the app. So, while the We-Vibe Nova is no where near the best thing since sliced bread, it’s certainly the butter on the bun.

CONCLUSION: When equated to some of the other app-controlled sex toys created by the biggest names in the industry, the Nova is likely responsible for the increasing popularity of the We-Vibe brand. Plus, it uses the same high-tech interface as the big wigs and functions in pretty much the same way (not to mention it’s a little cheaper than that expensive stuff).

The Cheers and Jeers

In my opinion, there are few things worse than a sex toy review that bolsters a product without keeping it real (like root canals, bad breakups, and herpes for instance). Yes, a product may be rather amazing but that doesn’t mean it’s without flaw. My experience has been one that’s continually revealed a steadfast rule in this industry: nothing is perfect, and most things have disadvantages that aren’t discovered until after you buy it. As frustrating as that is, it’s sort of just how it goes, unfortunately.

But, I feel your pain, believe me. Trial and error aren’t so great when you’re talking about expensive sex toys. In the words of the wise and wonderfully eloquent Kimberly “Sweet Brown” Wilkins, “Ain’t nobody got time for that.” So, without further ado, allow me to break it down for you.


  • Get in Shape – This thing is shaped in such a way that it curves up perfectly to the average female g-spot, slapping it around (gently of course) with every thrust.
  • No Limit Soldier – While most other vibrating sex toys boast 6-12 setting options, the We-Vibe Nova has no limits and can vibe it out with the best of ‘em.
  • Flexin’ and Sexin’ – Because this toy is somewhat flexible, it doesn’t feel like you’re being stabbed and even can be rotated to stimulate a hidden g-spot.
  • Sexy Skincare – Since it has no latex, rubbers, or phthalates, even users with sensitive skin need not fear the development of a rash (unless they’re nasty and forget to clean it when they’re done).
  • APP-le of My Eye – We all wished for app-controlled everything when cell phones and smart devices were rare, so I can see how app-controlled sex is the coolest damn thing on the planet.
  • Get High on Tech – Using Feel Technology and the Feel Performer interface made famous by Kiiroo, the We-Vibe Nova is all the buzz.
  • Size It Up – This toy is sized just right to resemble the length and girth of a real human penis without all the flaccidity and excuses.
  • Batteries Not Included – Thanks to the rechargeable motor, those expensive batteries can collect dust on the shelf as you save money and reach a proper climax.
  • The Price Is Right – Speaking of money, the Nova is slightly cheaper than other high-tech toys and it even come with a 1-year warranty.
  • Live Long and Prosper – Not only is this product extremely durable but its battery life is one of the longest in the industry, 2 hours of playtime for every 90 minutes charged.
  • Swimming in It – With a 100% waterproof design, I submerged the Nova in every bathtub, hot tub, shower, and pool this side of the Mississippi.
  • With or Without – While this toy is designed to work with the free downloadable app, the 5-button control interface makes it easy to enjoy the fruits of your labor without it.


  • Getting Needy – You have to have a smart phone or tablet to access the app.
  • Bills, Bills, Bills – The app requires a wi-fi connection or data plan to function properly.
  • Drain the Main Vein – Although the toy itself has a lengthy battery life, you smart phone or device may feel differently when you use it with the Nova.
  • Stay Connected – I experienced some connectivity issues depending on my location and the quality of my internet or data connection.
  • To the Window, to the Wall – Don’t get too carried away with the flexible shaft or you’ll knock down your pussy walls like I did.

The Final Verdict

Overall, the We-Vibe Nova Rabbit Vibrator is a well-made female sex toy that’s worth the money, worth the effort, and worth considering before you buy something else.


John James is an Internet Entrepreneur living in Sacramento, California. When he's not doing Internet Marketing, he enjoys blogging, sports, and healthy vegan lifestyle. Find out more about him on the About us page.

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