News: They Did It for Science

Researcher_sm.jpgA new study at Duke University is stirring up some controversy. Animal experimentation, perhaps? Nope. It’s not about testing on rabbits, it’s about rabbit vibrators.

An economics professor at Duke is recruiting female students to participate in a study that involves them going to Tupperware style sex toy parties, buying toys at a discount, and filling out some surveys. Sounds great!

But apparently some people feel this research doesn’t reflect well on an academic institution or promote values the University should represent. Said one detractor, “It’s not fostering relationships, and it seems to me that one of the things that we want young people to do is to figure out how to have deep, intimate friendships and relationships.”

Well, we think buying sex toys with your friends and classmates is a perfect way to foster intimate friendships, don’t you? And if it benefits higher learning, all the better.

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