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Top Male Masturbators & Fake Pussy Toys 2018

Top Male Masturbators & Fake Pussy Toys 2018
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Masturbation is an age-old way of pleasuring oneself and achieving a well-controlled orgasm.

However, standard solutions such as your hand are not going to have the same level of impact as time goes on. What might have worked earlier in your life is going to feel stale.

This is why you want to take the next step and look at male masturbators. These are an excellent way to enhance the experience and get more out of it as soon as you want.

So, what should you be looking for as a man?

Here are the essential tips for creating homemade male masturbators.

1) Emphasize Lubrication On Your Male Masturbators

There is nothing more important with a homemade male masturbator than lubrication.

If you are not getting the lube right, you’re in for a long day and the masturbation experience will be a real waste. The goal has to be to lubricate with purpose and use something that is silky smooth to the touch.

Most people look at using proper lube as that is designed for the purpose.

If necessary, you can play around with solution such as Vaseline to do the trick. It is up to you but makes sure there’s something in place with what you’re putting together.

2) Creating The “Hole” In Your Male Masturbator Is Key

No matter what you’re using, the goal is to create a hole that is snug and will help masturbate with control. You don’t want something that is only recreating a targeted solution because that won’t work in the long-term.

It would become similar to your hand.

This is why you want to create something where the sensation is similar to “insertion” into a vagina. This is the feeling that is natural, biological, and desired.

Look into using materials that will let you recreate such an experience.

3) Use Rubber Band To Hold Together

It doesn’t matter what solution you’re using (i.e., towel), you want it to hold together.

Once again, this comes back to the notion of having a hole to aim at. This is how you’re going to get an experience that is pleasurable and delightful.

If not, you’re going to hate it and go back to using your hands.

Go with a proper rubber band as that is going to ensure the experience is beautiful and tight. This is how you’re going to receive maximum pleasure as soon as you start masturbating with the masturbator.

4) Emphasize Warmth

What is a vagina like when it comes to temperature?

You will recognize it is warm and that is normal because the inside of the human body is hot. If you are not able to recreate this, how are you going to have a real time?

You need to make sure the warmth is appropriate.

This can be done in a few ways, and some people like to warm up what they’re using especially if it’s a towel. You can put it in the dryer or just warm it up a bit in the sun before using it.

5) Make Your Male Masturbation Toys Easy To Carry

You want something that is easy to carry because that is a must for multiple reasons.

The first reason has to do with taking it wherever you want. You don’t want to be stuck to one part of your house as that might get boring or is going to restrict you.

To get more out of the experience, you will want to get out a bit, and that’s where you can use something as simple as this.

You will be able to use it as you want and take advantage of it in the long-term. An easy to carry homemade male masturbator is ideal.

6) Don’t Ignore Disposibility

How are you going to keep things clean when you’re done masturbating?

This is a question you have to ask because the deed has to be done with care. You don’t want to make a mess or leave it around after you’re done.

This is why you need to have something that is disposable. A disposable solution such as a glove, towel (washable), or something similar is a great starting point.

It will keep things simple, and you’re going to have a real time.

7) Don’t Ignore Depth

When you are creating a homemade male masturbator, you might get lost in the idea of sensation, and that’s great. However, you need to look at the overall picture.

You are not going to want something that hurts because it has no depth to it.

You want something that will let your penis enter and go deep without having to worry about hitting the other end. This is when you feel pain, and it ruins the experience.

Depth always matters and is often just as important as how tight the hole is. Think about this while you’re setting things up.

8) Think of Texture Of Your Male Masturbator

Do you have ridges inside that increase the experience?

This is the hardest part of recreating and is something most men complain about when it comes to homemade or store male masturbators(check out for current models). You want something that can bring the actual feeling into play.

This is why you need to look at going with the right towel, sock, or whatever solution you’re using.

Think about this as you are designing an ideal male masturbator that is in line with your requirements. If you do this, the experience is going to be otherworldly.

These are the tips that are going to give you a top-tier homemade male masturbator and will make the experience an excellent way every time you do it.

Those who ignore this are the ones who will start to despise the value they’re getting from it.

Think about this as you are having a good homemade male masturbator and designing it with purpose. If you don’t do this, you’re not going to appreciate the experience, and it will bother you in the end.

With these tips, you will have a perfect time, and it will become a part of your life forever.



John James is an Internet Entrepreneur living in Sacramento, California. When he's not doing Internet Marketing, he enjoys blogging, sports, and healthy vegan lifestyle. Find out more about him on the About us page.

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John James

John James is an Internet Entrepreneur living in Sacramento, California. When he's not doing Internet Marketing, he enjoys blogging, sports, and healthy vegan lifestyle. Find out more about him on the About us page.

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