Lelo Soraya Luxury Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator: A Sensational Toy For Quality Orgasm Lovers! + a Special Discount Code For Our Readers!

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a huge fan of rabbit vibrators. There are so may different models out there that I suppose I just got sick of sifting through the BS to find a decent sex toy. I tend to stick with clitoral stimulators or insertable, static dildos, but I don’t usually combine the two. However, my mind may have been changed here recently when I tried to Lelo Soraya.

The makers market is as a “luxury vibrator,” and I guess that’s pretty accurate. To the touch, it certainly feels like a high-dollar product. And while I did have some qualms with the overall shape and design of this thing, I can’t disagree that it’s a swank piece of machinery. Aimed at pleasing the vaginal canal while it tickles and teases the clit, the Lelo  Soraya has both a long name and a long list of fans including myself.

What Is the Lelo Soraya “Luxury” Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator?

As the name suggests, this toy is a fully rechargeable, vibrating vag wand that features that quintessential rabbit ear extension to stimulate the clit. It’s made to function as an all-inclusive female masturbator – something to insert and something to make you squirt. Unfortunately, however, it must be used in that manner all the time or else you don’t get the full effect of the toy’s unique design.

When I first laid eyes on the Soraya, I thought the little nub jutting off the shaft was some sort of new-fangled butt plug. As it turns out, though, it’s just a revolutionary clitoris massager that’s shaped almost like a tiny finger. The nub is super flexible too, which meant I could press it firmly against my sweet spot without losing contact. My only issue with this little design feature is that it sometimes slipped off my clit when I was thrusting the toy in and out. That was probably due to the fact that my hands were trembling. Either way, it was a brand-new experience for sure.

In any event, I appreciated the way this thing provided ample space for me to explore the catacombs of my vagina. Smooth and sleek, it glides into the canal nicely before shocking the man in the boat into submission. It has a variety of orgasmic user-friendly features as well, which may or may not be why I had to use it a few times before writing this review.


The Main Features

The  Soraya is a half-silicone, half-polished chrome shaft that multiplies pleasure by providing a series of sensations inside and outside of the fun zone. It features two individual motors – one inside the shaft and another inside the clitoral nub, each making the toy vibrate at varying speeds and intensity levels. The power behind these dueling motors can be overstated.

Anyway, the toy comes in either a soft black color or a neon purple hue. They both cost the same, but I feel as though the purple option is far more feminine. For those voyeuristic ladies out there, my suggestion is to get the violet version if you can because it just looks sexier. Either way, the perfectly rounded shaft of this Lelo love stick is ideal for easy insertion. So, no matter which choice you go with, it’s bound to be a pleasant ride.

It helps that this toy features that little clitoral stimulation nub too – something that I’ve not seen in the same capacity on any other female sex toy. It’s designed to pinpoint the pleasure center when the Lelo Soraya is inserted into the vagina, offering a well-rounded masturbation session that simultaneously satisfies both internally and externally. As mentioned, however, you can’t enjoy one or the other. These features must be used in tandem or the toy is basically worthless.

When used as intended, the gently curving slope of the shaft fits the female anatomy like a glove. It reaches the g-spot better than any lover I’ve ever graced with my presence. Meanwhile, the bullet-powered clit clapper starts doing its thing long before the entire shaft is inserted. So, if you’re not wanting full penetration you can still enjoy all this toy has to offer. What is that you ask? Allow me to explain:

  • It has 8 individually controlled, adjustable vibe settings that help you customize your experience with precision. Each of the settings are available in either the shaft of the clitoral nub.
  • It has a fully rechargeable battery which uses a standard USB cable.
  • The battery recharges at an unheard-of speed (just two hours for more than 4 hours of play).
  • It’s completely waterproof, so you know what that means: baths, showers, hot tubs, pools, it’s all good, baby.
  • It features a convenient travel lock to keep it from turning on accidentally while in your suitcase or handbag.
  • It has an easy-to-use push-button power interface that’s located on the bottom on the shaft, right where your trembling hands will be when you cycle through the various settings.
  • It also provides an ergonomic finger loop at the bottom to make handling a piece of cake. I especially liked this feature because it allowed me to twist and rotate the toy with ease.
  • It’s got 4.1 inches of circumference, or as I like to call it, girth.
  • It has 5 total inches of insertable length on its 8.5-inch body, which gave me more than 3 inches of handle space to manipulate this bad boy any way I saw fit.
  • It contains absolutely no latex, phthalates, or rubber, offering a completely body-safe experience that produced zero side effects.
  • In fact, it’s made primarily of medical-grade silicone (and a little bit of hypoallergenic plastic).
  • The shaft is hard and rigid, but the clit nub is flexible – the perfect combo in my humble opinion.

Fun features are what make a sex toy great, and the Lelo Insignia Soraya is lacking very little. I won’t lie; I’m a big advocate for products that are made to support healthy couple’s play and this thing certainly doe not fall into that category. However, I still don’t think there’s anything wrong with a little alone time if you know what I mean.

What Comes in the Box?

At first glance, the box that contains the Lelo  Soraya is rather unremarkable. It’s well designed but features a life-sized picture of the toy. I really wish the manufacturers would stop doing that. First of all, I know what’s inside because I bought it. Secondly, I value my discretion. It’s a good thing I wasn’t forced to use the box as storage or else that might have been embarrassing.

Inside the telling container are the following items:

  • The Lelo Soraya Luxury Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator (or course)
  • A standard USB charging cable
  • A satin, drawstring storage pouch (thank God)
  • A small packet of personal moisturizer
  • A 10-year warranty registration card

I’m still not sure why the maker decided to provide personal moisturizer instead of a lube sample, but regardless, it was nice to have. Vaginal dryness is not something you want to battle while using an insertable vibrator, trust me. And while you don’t get any toy cleaner either, the waterproof design of this thing makes it easy to maintain with just a little warm water and antibacterial soap.

TIP: Let the toy dry fully before putting it into the satin storage pouch because satin is not a breathable material and a wet toy can grow mold. Yuck!

Lelo Soraya Review: How It Feels

I’ll do my best to adequately describe how the Soraya feels. The girth of the shaft is certainly conducive with that full feeling we all know and love, but without that clit massager the toy would feel relatively ordinary. It was the combined effect of all the toy’s parts that gave me the sensations I was looking for.

Luckily, the silicone didn’t produce any of pesky drag that some other materials do. I wouldn’t suggest using this toy without plenty of water-based lube, but if you’re running low it won’t pull the skin or create too much friction. In fact, the material is smooth enough to suffice a good session with just your body’s natural juices.

In addition to all that, the power of the dual motors was extraordinarily strong. The range between the lowest setting and the highest one was wide, and they were all impressive. There’s very little delay between functions too, which meant it was easy for me to cycle through the options without having to exercise the patience I don’t have. Overall, it was a smooth ride from start to explosive finish.

The Cheers and Jeers

I don’t get anything for singing the praises of the sex toys I review, nor do I reap any consequences for talking smack. That means I can tell the God’s honest truth and fear no repercussions. I plan to do just that, and nobody can stop me. I’m a fan of this toy, but that doesn’t mean I thought it was flaw free.

While there are no perfect products on the market (yet), the Lelo brand is known for their production of sturdy, robust, and powerful sex toys. This thing did not become the exception. I’ll start by pointing out the things I liked about it and then move on to my inevitable complaints:


  • The Long and Short of It – The toy charges fully within two hours or less, but it can be played with for four hours of more.
  • Giving the Finger – The convenient finger loop at the base of the shaft is a nice design touch; I wish more handheld vibrators had that feature because lubed up hands make a toy like this really hard to control.
  • Get It Wet – Can we all just agree that waterproof toys are the absolute best? Like, why aren’t they mandatory by now, especially when no electricity is needed?
  • She’s Got Curves – The slightly upturned shape of the Soraya makes it super easy to hit the g-spot with every thrust, at least in my experience. Of course, all g-spots are in a different place, but that finger loop makes it so simply to locate it quickly.
  • Float Your Boat – With a long, extremely flexible, vibrating clitoral nub, this toy tweaks the twat like a pro.
  • Variety Is the Spice of Life – Eight vibe functions may not be the most variety I’ve ever seen, but they’re distinct and powerful and that’s really all a girl wants.
  • Assault and Battery – I beat the hell out of my Soraya for hours and the battery power was super strong the entire time. Looks like I can stop spending my entire paycheck on AAs now.



  • All or Nothing at All – You have either use the shaft and clit nub together or leave the toy in the box because one doesn’t feel as good without the other.
  • So Lonesome – Unfortunately, it’s sort of difficult to use the Lelo Soraya with a partner.
  • Lube Limits – Since the manufacturer used silicone as the main material, you can only use water-based lube with this toy.
  • Spend that Money, Honey – As one of the more expensive handheld rabbit vibrators I’ve encountered, it’s a good thing this toy comes with a 10-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Get in There – I had to insert the toy about 2 ½ to 3 inches inside my vagina before I could even start to feel the vibes from the clit nub.

My Final Verdict

The Lelo Soraya is a solid sex toy with lots of positive attributes and only a few minor flaws. While it may be somewhat expensive and require penetration to get a full effect, it certainly delivers an intense internal and external orgasm at the same time. I wouldn’t suggest using this toy if you’re playing with a lover unless, of course, they’re familiar with your body’s limits and ok with watching you squirm while nothing happens to them. In a world of long-distance, real-time, Bluetooth compatible masturbators, it will be interesting to see if the Lelo brand incorporates any of those features into the new and improved Soraya.


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