Lelo Hula Beads SenseMotion Remote Control Rotating Beads Review: Not Your Everyday Sex Toy

It’s not always easy to find a good sex toy, especially as a woman. In a world full of crazy contraptions and male-focused masturbators, it’s sometimes hard to track down a product that will actually work without either a) breaking the bank, b) making you feel like you need a doctorate in engineering to use it properly, or c) embarrassing you with its bulkiness. I like the Hula Beads because they’re affordable, easy to use, and conveniently compact.

The Lelo brand is one of the best in the biz, with an inventory full of fine products that are specially designed to provide pleasure to the complex human body. They’ve got some amazing things for the ladies too, which is rare from a sex toy manufacturer with a solid rep because many of the brands out there tend to specialize their toys for one or the other gender. The Lelo stock does include masturbators for both men and women, but their Hula Beads in particular are constantly getting rave reviews by everybody. As an ideal toy for couples and solo artists alike, this item deserves the attention it’s been getting.

While there are plenty of cost-effective, user-friendly, and discreet sex toys on today’s market, it’s not every day that you find one with such a cute design. If you’re anything like me, then you want your toybox to be filled with adorable pieces that make you feel sexy when using them. The Hula Beads are not only operative but they’re also attractive, which isn’t exactly rare in the female sex toy arena. However, the unique way in which this toy is designed makes it a great find and an even greater investment (and it’s not too expensive either).

What Is the Lelo Hula Beads SenseMotion?

Put plainly, the Hula Beads are a self-contained group of rotating and vibrating globules that are housed by a skin-safe material which fits in the palm of your hand and is ergonomically shaped for a woman’s vagina. This hand-held, palm-sized vibrator glides in easily to deliver pulse-pounding vibes to your g-spot, or it can be used externally to stimulate your clitoris without insertion. Best of all, it’s controlled with a wireless remote that operates via user-friendly buttons or by using the brand’s SenseMotion technology (a fancy way of saying that it cycles through the various settings with a flick of your wrist).

Named after the hip-swirling Hawaiian dance, the Hula, this inspired toy for women swivels and rotates against the clit or the g-spot using a surprisingly strong motor that’s located in its base. While it twirls it also vibrates to create a full-bodied sensation. The two complimentary functions provide an inside-out orgasm that can be tailored to your body’s sensitivity level.

Not a big fan of penetration during masturbation? Are you one of those girls who achieves a better orgasm through external stimulation? Well thankfully, the sex toy industry has developed something for you too. Of course, the Hula Beads masturbator by Lelo is made for internal stimulation as well, but at least you can switch it up if you like. The Hula Beads are made to give you and your partner options in bed, allowing for group play or solo enjoyment either up close or at a sizeable distance.

The Main Features

The Lelo Hula Beads Remote Controlled Rotating Vibrator is a mechanical work of art, with dual functionality and a supreme design that’s obviously made with a woman’s needs in mind. While it can also be used as an anal plug (or even a customizable muscle massager), this toy truly shines when it’s used as directed. In fact, the Hula achieves such orgasmic successes by utilizing all of its well-designed vaginally oriented features, such as:

  • An ergonomic, wireless remote control with the skin-safe material on one side and a polished metal on the other
  • Eight (8) adjustable vibration modes
    • Six (6) of them are controlled using the buttons on the remote
    • The other two (2) use the brand’s patented SenseMotion Technology
  • The SenseMotion Technology allows for swift settings modifications without ever touching the buttons on the remote
  • The wireless remote has a 39-foot (or 12 meter) range
  • A lightweight and compact yet commanding design, measuring:
    • 4.75 inches in circumference
    • 4 inches in insertable length
    • And weighing only 2.4 ounces (or 68 grams)
  • A rounded tip for silky smooth insertion
  • A 3-inch (or approximately 7 centimeter) retrieval cord for easy removal
  • A standard USB recharging port to eliminate the need for batteries
    • NOTE: The remote control requires 2x AAA batteries to turn on
  • A powerful motor that offers about 1 ½ hours of play time when fully charged
  • A quick 2-hour charge requirement
  • A skin-safe silicone casing
  • A 100% waterproof exterior that can be taken in the shower, bath, or hot tub

In addition, the Lelo Hula Beads aren’t flimsy whatsoever (meaning, they’re not flexible at all). The toy features a solid and rigid dexterity that’s designed to ensure adequate placement and pleasure. No components on this thing contain no latex or phthalates either, so you never have to worry about skin irritations or allergic reactions.

TIP: I should note that it’s not really a good idea to place a condom on the Lelo Hula (in case you were thinking about it). This is because of the toy’s relative size to the standard condom. In other words, it’s too small for most condoms and the prophylactic may slip off or become stuck inside the vagina during playtime or removal.

What Comes in the Box?

Although this toy is nestled inside a commercial-looking carton, the container that the Hula Beads come in is downright sexy. In fact, it looks like a jewelry box from a high-end retailer, plus it’s sleek and compact enough to fit in your dresser drawer without taking up too much space (or drawing too much attention). Inside the brand’s patented matte black case rests the following items:

  • The Lelo Hula Beads SenseMotion (of course)
  • An instruction manual
  • A silky drawstring storage bag with the brand’s logo tag
  • A USB charging cable and attachment
  • A limited manufacturer’s warranty registration card

Now, you won’t receive any lube or toy cleaner with your purchase, but the Lelo brand has lots of good deals on that stuff if you’re all out. However, considering that this toy is waterproof, cleaning it is super easy and requires little more than a quick rinse under the water. Still, it’s probably a good idea to invest in some sex toy cleaning supplies so you don’t develop a rash or infection.

How Does It Feel?

If you can imagine inserting the perfect sized penis into your vagina and then having that penis gyrate and vibrate under your control, then you can begin to imagine what the Lelo Hula feels like. Unfortunately, that description does little justice to the sensations this toy actually gives. It not only makes you feel full and fantastic but, due to its relatively compact size, it also makes you feel dainty and delicate. I didn’t even know that was possible, but apparently it is. Science is, indeed, a wonderful thing.

Speaking of science, that SenseMotion Technology is a very nice touch as well. Being able to control the vibrations coming from your toy’s motor without having to do much of anything makes you feel like a boss. So, between the stylishness of the product, the confidence boosts you gain, the mind-blowing orgasms you experience, and the toy’s overall obedience, it’s easy to see why the Hula by Lelo is one of the most popular female masturbators in the brand’s lineup.

The Cheers and Jeers

Yes, the Lelo Hula vibrating masturbator for women is an amazing work of modern machinery, but that doesn’t mean it’s 100% perfect. Unfortunately, just like everything else in the world, it has a number of flaws that must be discussed once the product is examined thoroughly. So, here goes nothing, ladies (we’ll start with the good stuff):


  • Pussy Power – The robust motor that drives the vibes is powerful to say the least, not to mention that the range of settings is wide, and the variety therein is distinct.
  • Crazy Eight – Speaking of vibe functions, remember that this thing has eight (8) different settings ranging from “Holy Shit” to “Sexy Hint,” plus two (2) of them can be directly controlled using SenseMotion.
  • Control Issues – As for the SenseMotion, it’s manipulated using the wireless, ergonomically shaped, handheld remote control that also houses the user-friendly buttons that drive the other six (6) vibe settings – a real one-stop shop right there.
  • Slam Dunk – It’s always nice to bring your favorite toys to play with in the tub, so thankfully the Hula isn’t afraid of the water.
  • Smooth Sailing – The toy’s rounded head helps it slide inside with ease, and it’s even easier with a good water-based lube slathered on top.
  • Vaginal Ballet – Not only does the device vibrate but it also twirls and swirls against your vag walls which is never a bad thing.
  • Lub You Long Time – It takes only two (2) hours (or less) to fully charge the device and you get about the same amount of play time out of it. I’m all about equality.
  • 12 Meter Dash – The remote can control the toy up to 12 meters (or about 40 feet) away, meaning you can hand it to your partner in the other room and wait for the surprise pants dance to begin.
  • Diet Dirtiness – This thing is sleek, slim, discreet, and lightweight. ‘Nuff said.
  • Keep It Classy – Perhaps best of all, the Hula is super easy to clean and maintain, with no special components to assemble and no expensive supplies to purchase (unless you’re into that kind of thing).


  • Losing Your Religion – While the Hula may be brag-worthy and thus become your favorite sex toy, NEVER lose the remote control or else you’ll be praying to the gods of good sex for a replacement because the shit won’t work anymore (and the manufacturer doesn’t sell them separately). No Bueno.
  • Assault and Battery – Be warned: the batteries in the remote control tend to putter out rather quickly (especially when you use the SenseMotion settings or play with the Hula on high), so you may be inclined to throw it across the room in frustrating. I don’t suggest doing that; just keep some spare batteries handy.
  • Flick It and Forget It – That handy-dandy SenseMotion Technology is great, but it doesn’t always work properly when you get too far away from the target or when the remote’s batteries are running low. There’s also no indicator for either situation, so it’s all a guessing game.
  • Lost in Translation – Thank God for that retrieval cord because this toy is too short for some of the ladies with longer vaginal canals, meaning it can get lost up there if you’re not careful when looking for the g-spot (and no, it doesn’t come with a tracking device either).
  • Less Is Less (Not More) – Although this toy can be used both externally and internally, it could use a few more components to stimulate the clit so you don’t have to remove it from your lady cave. It may be advertised as ideal for inner or outer pleasure, but it works best when it’s nestled deep inside your noonie.
  • Material Witness – That skin-safe, medical-grade silicone material is very sweet, but like all other silicone-based toys it can’t be used with oil-based or silicone-based lubes without damaging the integrity of the product. Bummer.

The Final Verdict

Overall, I like the Lelo Hula because it’s got dual functionality and it’s small enough to keep a secret. Affordable and compact, it makes a great addition to my sex toy repertoire and I don’t have to rearrange my naughty drawer to fit it inside. Being as I can play with it on my own or invite my lover to join, it’s a terrific toy for a satisfying quickie or a long-distance marathon.


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