Dollar Store Sex Toys

Dollar Store Sex Toys

new! 3/11/09

Thank goodness for the dollar store. You can find practically anything there – even sex toys! Just take a look on the shelves and let your dirty mind do the rest. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Water Snake Toy
[Poor Man’s Dildo]

Well, what do you think it looks like? And the box even boasts about the impressive 7.5” length. This is a fluid-filled rubber tube that’s a little on the limp side for insertion, but could double as a jelly dildo in a pinch. What you can’t see is that the tube also has a hole running through the center of it, so a guy could lube it up, insert his dick, and use it as a masturbator.

Hand Clapper Toy
[Low-Rent S&M Paddle]

This is a fun toy for a kinky couple. Use it in place of a crop, flogger, or slapper to smack your partner’s ass. It will leave a hand-shaped imprint, make a loud sound, and it lights up too.

Stretchy Rubber Ring Toy
[Cheap Cock Ring]

Just like those super-stretchy cock rings that fit around the base of your dick and balls. These ones are covered with tickly little tentacles. We also found a stretchy, fluid-filled ring called the “Squeeze Donut” that could be put to similar use.

Mini Traffic Cone
[Discount Extreme Fabulous Butt Plug]

If you ever aspired to stick a traffic cone in your ass, here’s your chance. We found these with the office supplies. These miniature soft vinyl cones are about 4” tall and about 3” across at the base, with a rounded tip that makes insertion easy. Each traffic cone is imprinted with words of encouragement, like “Excellent Work!” “Perfect!” and “Fabulous!” to keep you motivated to reach your goal.

Refrigerator Clip Magnets
[No Frill Nipple Clamps]

Why pay more for nipple clamps when these will do just fine? There should be a variety to choose from, so you can find a size and pressure that you’re comfortable with. Some stores also carry wooden clothespins. The nice thing about the magnetic clips is that you can use the magnets to attach a little bit of weight, or you can stick your sub’s tits to the fridge.

Rubber Stamps
[Extra Value Everyday Wear Butt Plug]

These knob-shaped stamps are just the right size and shape for an anal plug. It might be a challenge to get the blunt knob to go in, but once it does, you can celebrate your “Great Job!” Get an inkpad and you can sit and stamp.

[Cheap and Discreet Penetrator]

Many a woman first lost her virginity to a hairbrush handle. Most plastic hairbrushes have handles that will work for this, and they’re available in a variety of sizes, textures, and colors.

Fake Fruit
[Discount Faux Phallic Produce]

One of nature’s perfect dildos – but now it won’t squish or get overripe. This faux fruit is realistically sized, made of plastic covered styrofoam, and it makes part of an attractive display on your counter or coffee table. In the same area, we found fake Indian corn cobs that were larger in diameter and covered with bumpy kernels, as well as some phallic-shaped plastic cacti with soft rubbery spines.

Scrub Brushes
[G-Spot Stimulators]

Those ridges on the rubberized thumb grip are placed just right for hitting the G-spot. We also found some tire scrubbers in the auto section with curved handles that would be great for prostate massage. Check the kitchen utensil section for more phallic handles that will help you whip up an orgasm.

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