Cell Phone Vibrators

Cell Phone Vibrator How-To

Women everywhere are discovering how to harness the vibrations of their cell phones for pleasure. Learn how to dial yourself up an off-the-hook orgasm.

There are several options if you want to use your cell phone as a vibrator. The methods you can use will depend on your model of cell phone and its features. But one way or another, any cell phone with a vibrating function can be used as a sex toy.

  • The Alarm Method


What you need: A cell phone with an alarm feature that uses the vibration alert.

What to do: Most cell phones have a organizer built in that allows you to schedule an alarm to go off at a specified time. If the alarm gives you the option of using the vibration alert, then you’re in luck. When you’re ready to use your cell phone as a vibrator, program your alarm to go off every minute for as long as you think you will want it vibrating (for example, if it’s 12:00 pm, schedule an alarm to go off at 12:01 pm, 12:02 pm, etc.). Once the alarms start going off, your cell phone should keep vibrating for as long as you’ve programmed it. If you come before the alarm sequence finishes, don’t forget to delete the remaining alarms scheduled, unless you want to try for multiple orgasms.

  • The Set-Up Method

What you need: Any cell phone with vibrating alert

What to do: Go to the ringtones section of your cell phone menu, and choose Alert Type. Select Vibration Only. When you press the key to make the selection, your cell phone should vibrate to indicate that the alert has been selected. Keep pressing the select key, and your phone will keep buzzing. You might have to press the key a couple of times in quick succession, but with a little practice, you’ll get the timing right to get a steady tingling.

  • The Two-Phone Method

What you need: Any cell phone with vibrating alert, and a second telephone with a different number

What to do: Set your cell phone’s ringtone to Vibration Only alert. Using the second telephone, dial your cell phone’s number. When your cell phone starts ringing, the vibrations will begin. Keep your finger on the redial button of the second phone, and keep calling yourself until you get satisfaction. Obviously, the second phone has to have a different telephone number for this to work, but it can be a land-line phone or another cell phone. This can also be fun if you have a friend who wants to help you out; just tell him to keep ringing you, then call him back to let him know when you’ve orgasmed.

  • The Vibelet Method

What you need: Vibelet “Purring Kitty” software and a compatible phone with WAP and Java

What to do: Visit the Vibelet website and see if your cell phone is listed among the compatible models. If so, you can use the Purring Kitty software. This is a Java program that you can download onto your phone, that lets you easily switch your phone’s vibrator on and keep it on for as long as you want. Follow the instructions on on their website to download and use this product.

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