Reviews Of The Top Rated Sex Wedge Pillows On The Market In 2019

There’s just something unattractive about saying “Oh my God, I think I broke my hip” during sex. Talk about a mood killer. Making love can be a lot of fun, but things can take a turn for the worst if your body’s not as adventurous as your mind. It’s not shameful to need a little support either. After all, even the most famous porn stars whip a sex pillow out from time to time.

So, what on Earth is a sex pillow and why in hell would you want to spend your money on one? Well, those are two questions that are easy to answer. First of all, a sex pillow is an ergonomic cushion or wedge that’s made specifically to support the weight of the average human body so that it can achieve and hold various positions for either sexual encounters or massage. And while spending your hard-earned cash on one doesn’t seem responsible at first, wait until you consider this:

They say love is a battlefield, but that may be truer than we all realize. According to experts, a large percentage of emergency room visits are due to, or suspected to be due to, sexually related injuries. Humiliated patients may not always admit to how they sustained their injuries, but they still report things like sprains, pulled muscles, pinched nerves, broken bones, dislocated joints and so on. Who knew sex could be such a dangerous thing?

Hey, when we’re in the heat of the moment, it’s tough to tell whether we’ve pushed ourselves passed the limit. Most often, we don’t discover our battle wounds until longer afterwards. By that time, we’re more likely to blame the pain on our age or on the kinkiness of the sex. Truth be told, it’s likely due to something far simpler – the position of your body.

A good sex pillow can change the game, allowing you to last longer, thrust stronger and pleasure your partner in new and exciting ways. The right one can reduce fatigue and raise your expectations while increasing the effectiveness of any stamina training products you’ve used. Unfortunately, everyone with a set of genitals knows this and thus the modern-day market is stuffed to the rafters with options. So, how does a newbie navigate through the riffraff? I’m glad you asked.

5 Things to Know Before Buying a Sex Pillow

Sex pillows are a dime a dozen, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some amazing ones available. Unfortunately, many people set out in search for the perfect product with no prior knowledge of anything except which features to look for. While those things are very important, let’s be honest here. It’s also vital that you consider a few things about yourself.

The following are 5 things you need to know before ever looking at the first sex pillow:

  1. Know What You Want

Although knowing what you want is one of the easiest things to do, it’s not always as simple to define it. On top of that, it’s not always possible to find the things you want, even if you look everywhere. Understanding your wants and how they measure up to the industry is essential. In other words, it’s ok to be picky but don’t let your expectations get too high.

  1. Know What You Need

Your wants are one thing; your needs are another. What do you need from a good sex pillow? Does it need to transform into numerous shapes? Do you prefer a certain type of material? Have you spoken to your lover about his/her requirements? Until you do, and until you can answer those questions, it will be virtually impossible to narrow the search with any success.

  1. Know What Toys and/or Accessories You Use the Most

Speaking of important questions, did you know that some sex pillows have cut-outs, slots, pockets, or holes that are specially designed to fit your favorite toy? Although many are designed for only one or two types of toys, most are not affiliated with any sex toy brand and can therefore fit nearly anything available on today’s market. So, are you going back to edit your “Wants” list?

  1. Know Your Partner’s Weight

Another thing to consider is your partner’s weight, not to mention the combined weight of you both. Some pillows have limitations, while others do not. Don’t forget to check the specs before you buy. Overexerting the strength of a sex pillow may not be disastrous but it can certainly defeat the purpose of having one in the first place.

  1. Know How Much You Want to Spend

Last but not least, know your budget. The price of a sex pillow is not always indicative of its quality. Sticking with trusted brands is a smart idea if you don’t know where to look, but seasoned sex pillow users can branch out to other manufacturers as long as the product has the features they require. Either way you cut it, having a flexible budget can help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Understand, my friends, that all sex pillows are not equal. You must proceed with a certain level of discernment because many manufacturers employ clever marketing schemes to lure unsuspecting consumers into a trap. As horny as you are right now, patience and diligence will pay off in the end.

5 Things to Look For In a Top Sex Pillow

All sex pillows may be different but that doesn’t change the fact that they all seem to look and perform the same. Still, some are obviously better than others. I say “obviously” because, once you know what to look for, the better products are easier to find. And since it’s impossible to try before you buy, it’s imperative that you use the following 5-point checklist instead.

  1. Shape

The shape of any sex pillow varies widely between brand, type and purpose. As one of the most important factors to consider, it’s typically the first thing people notice. However, the shape is for a specific purpose.

In general, sex pillows come in four basic forms: round, triangular, square and abstract. Each one is used differently, as such:

  • Round – Primarily for comfort during difficult positions
  • Triangular – Primarily for versatility, also called a “wedge”
  • Square – Primarily for achieving one or two specific positions
  • Abstract – Primarily a unique combination of other shapes

To figure out which shape would work best for you and/or your lover, try to think about your average love-making session. Ask yourself: Do I plan to use the pillow to continue in the same manner or do I want one to enhance my experience?

  1. Size

As important as it is, the pillow’s shape should not be the only thing you look at. Consider its size as well, especially as it relates to you and your partner’s body type. No matter what a stripper tells you, size DOES matter. Don’t get it twisted; not now, not ever.

Most pillows are designed to suit all body types, but that’s not true across the board. Extra large pillows may be difficult to use for smaller people, while compact pillows may not do enough for larger individuals. On top of that, the size of the pillow will also determine how and where you can store it. Bet you didn’t think about that one until now.

TIP: Look for a pillow that comes with a storage case at least. While the product itself may be difficult to hide, at least it will be protected by a durable material in the meantime.

  1. Durability

And since we’re talking about durability, we might as well mention the fact that a sex pillow’s resilience is extremely important. Look for the following four attributes to ensure you’ve snagged yourself a good one:

  • Stitching

Hand-stitching may cost you a little more, but at least the pillow won’t bust apart after you fuck on it one time. If all else fails, find a product that features strong threads and plenty of back-stitching.

  • Stuffing

High-quality sex pillows always have ultra-dense materials inside that resist denting and matting. Find something stuffed with foam, cotton or gel if you know what’s good for you.

  • Covering

Since the outer covering is what you and your partner will interact with the most, it needs to be as soft and plush as possible. Go for materials such as cotton, synthetic polyester, wool, nylon, velvet or a combination thereof.

TIP: Forget my advice if you or your lover has an allergy to any of the materials mentioned above.

  • Weight

The best sex pillows are often weighty, although there are some exceptions. This is because a heavily weighted product can usually withstand more pressure and tussling than a lightweight option.

  1. Weight Capacity

While we’re on the subject of weight, let’s discuss the importance of checking a sex pillow’s weight capacity. Most modern-day pillows are designed to support an average-sized person – someone between 150 and 200 pounds. However, there are many options available for those who weight more (or less) than the average Hoe.

Usually, a high-quality sex pillow will mention its weight limits on the label. However, there are no steadfast rules in this game. And since nobody wants to waste their money on a pillow that deflates as soon as pressure is applied, checking the weight capacity is priority numero uno.

As a general rule, smaller pillows don’t hold up well against larger, heavier people. Bigger pillows seem to suffice better, but they’re typically more difficult to manipulate in the heat of the moment. Laying the pillow on a hard surface may increase its weight capacity temporarily. Either way, it’s all about your intended uses. See why it’s important to “know” a few things before looking?

  1. Versatility

You see, no two people have sex in the same way (thank God). For that reason, the geniuses down at the sex pillow development lab decided that some of their products needed to be versatile enough to withstand the demands of the perverted. As a result, we now have pillows that can twist and transform into numerous shapes with the flick of our wrist.

Highly versatile sex pillows provide far more pleasure, flexibility, mobility and stamina than a rigid pillow that stays in only one or two positions. So, while a lot of people don’t necessarily achieve several positions during intercourse, having the option available is quite nice. After all, enhancing your sex life requires thinking outside the “box.”

Multi-purpose sex pillows are all the rage because of three main reasons:

  • They’re usually sized so that they can support people of varying weights and body types.
  • They’re typically shaped in such a way that they can be manipulated easily during sex, preventing awkward intermissions.
  • They can sometimes be folded down to a more compact size, allowing for easier and more discreet storage.

Bonus Features to Hunt Down

You may be done with the homework, but your journey has just begun. Along the way, don’t overlook a good sex pillow simply because it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles you’d like it to have. High-quality products are typically simple, with their best features speaking volumes for them.

On the other hand, try not to disregard all the amazing features available to you. So, never ignore bonus features like:

  • Toy holders
  • MP3 or smart device hookups
  • Removable and/or washable covers
  • Seamless openings

Remember that there are no rules and there is no right answer here. The sex toy industry is set up so that the consumer leads its development directly. In other words, manufacturers only make what they think you’ll like. If you can’t find something that suits your fancy, maybe the industry needs to hear your voice.

The Last Word

As daunting as it all may seem, finding a good sex pillow is not as difficult as you’re making it. As long as the product has decent stitching, dense stuffing, a cozy yet durable covering and fits the budget, you can rest assured that you’ve discovered a good one. Buy through the right source and save some money too, that way it won’t sting so bad if you accidentally make the wrong decision.


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