A Few Words About Safety


We take safety seriously here at Homemade Sex Toys. We’ve rejected a lot of proposed sex toy projects as being too dangerous. We even did a feature on dangerous homemade sex toys you should avoid.

So when a reader alerted us to some safety issue with some of the dollar store sex toys we suggested, we listened up:

“Lots of those items may have ‘seams’ of plastic left over from the molding process, and if these are inserted into the body, may cause damage… Also, some plastics may be one-time use as they are not able to be sanitized after use.”

These are good points. In our giddy delight over dollar store pervertibles, we did neglect to add some cautionary comments about these potential problems. Because they are cheaply made, some dollar store items, especially plastics, may have sharp edges or seams. They may break easily. They may also have paint or decals that can flake off. Items made of sticky rubber or flocked plastic can be hard to clean, and shouldn’t be inserted uncovered anyway.

Carefully examine any object before inserting it into an orifice. Feel for sharp edges or seams and if possible, smooth them off with a nail file or sandpaper. It’s always a good idea to put a condom over anything you insert. That will smooth things off and make clean-up easier, and protect you from any weird chemicals. Wash all your dollar store purchases before use. (Hey, they’re from the dollar store. You never know who’s been handling them.)

Finally, use common sense, and don’t just go and do something because it’s on a website, including ours.

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