Problem: Tote Bag Overflowing with Toys

This plain canvas tote bag keeps all your toys together, but it’s less than ideal when you need to find your favorite jelly dong or that just-right butt plug in a hurry. Plus all your bullet vibes, condoms and smaller toys end up at the bottom of the sack, just like your lipstick always ends up at the bottom of your purse.

Solution: Secret Agent Black Case

We got this stylish black plastic case at a surplus store, and while we have no idea what it was designed to hold, its niches and cutouts are perfect for keeping sex toys small and large in place.

Mission Accomplished

You’ll feel like a spy in the house of love when you tote around your collection in this mysterious black case. With your dildos, harness, and vibrators at the ready, you’re well-equipped for any sexual special mission.

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