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Women's Toothbrush Tips:   
Toothbrush on Clit    
Toothbrush in Vagina    
Toothpaste on Clit    
In the Shower/Bath    
Toothbrush Sex Toys    
Men's Toothbrush Tips:   
Toothbrush on Cock    
Toothbrush in Ass    
Toothpaste on Cock    
In the Shower/Bath    
Toothbrush Sex Toys    
Women: Toothpaste on Clit

Minty Feeling

When I get really horny and I can’t find my normal masturbation tools .... I look for my electric toothbrush.... Here’s my secret: I use the bristle side. Sometimes I rub it on my clitoris ... and turn it ON FULL POWER. It feels sooo good. Trust me! The toothpaste adds a minty lube feeling.

You'll Get Wet

Put toothpaste on your clit. It feels great...you'll get wet...try it.

A Dab Will Do Ya

For penetration try an ice-cream scoop handle. Removable shower heads, the kind with a hose that come off of the wall, work great. Just stand in a wide stance and spray up onto your clit. A little (teeny, tiny bit) toothpaste rubbed on your clit provides a neat sensation.

Icy Hot

I put toothpaste on the head of my vibrator and rub it on my clit. It feels cold and hot and tingly at the same time, and it prolongs my orgasm.