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Women's Toothbrush Tips:   
Toothbrush on Clit    
Toothbrush in Vagina    
Toothpaste on Clit    
In the Shower/Bath    
Toothbrush Sex Toys    
Men's Toothbrush Tips:   
Toothbrush on Cock    
Toothbrush in Ass    
Toothpaste on Cock    
In the Shower/Bath    
Toothbrush Sex Toys    
Women: In the Shower/Bath

No One Hears

Take the head off of an Oral B toothbrush (the waterproof kind). Run a hot bath and then gently rub your clit. Then take the head off of the shower and stick it up you. If you can get it to hit your G-spot then that's even better. Just as you’re about to peak turn on the toothbrush and run it gently over your clit. Instant orgasm and no one hears the noise because of the running water.

Soapy Fun

When you are in the bath, get a bar of soap, make sure it’s wet, and rub it against your clit and all around your pussy area till it’s all slippery and nice. Get a hair brush or toothbrush and rub the bristles part against your pussy. Start softly and get harder and faster. It makes me cum about 3 or 4 times!!

Pump the Brush

Go into the bathtub then take a toothbrush (not the one you use). Take it bristles up and start pumping it up and down. It takes a while but keep doing it. It feels great.

Cum and Cum and Cum

I like to lay down in the shower with the hot water running over me and grab my electric toothbrush! Make sure you are using an old head or someone will be in for a real shock! I like to start circling everywhere, starting from clit to anus. As I start to get excited and know I'm getting ready to cum I just focus on my clit, and I cum and cum and CUM!!! For added pleasure I enjoy fingering my pussy or anus...or do the 2-in-1 job (middle finger in anus - more if you want - and thumb in pussy). Enjoy!

Till My Hand Aches

While in the tub I like to take a toothbrush and use the handle. I press it against my clit and move it faster and faster until my hand aches, and I have such a great orgasm.

Think of Boners

I love to masturbate in the bath while having the shower on at the same time...using an electric toothbrush and running it al over your clit is incredible...start by teasing yourself by touching the toothbrush lightly on your clit, and not letting your thigh muscles squeeze...eventually the anticipation builds up so much that you can't hold off any longer! I love to think of a guy with a massive boner or him jacking off while I do this... guaranteed to work.

Home Alone

If you use an electric toothbrush (battery powered) while in the bathtub, legs propped up to the faucet, and rub the toothbrush against your clit, not only will you have the pleasure of the running warm water but the vibrations of the toothbrush. I do it all the time for multiple orgasms that sometimes last for 3 minutes! My only advice would be to make sure no one’s home! 

Amazing Shower

In the shower with an electric toothbrush on my clit, with a little bit of soap or lotion…it is amazing.

Hot Pussy

I love to jump in the tub, letting the water from shower head
hit until my pussy is really hot! Then I get my electric toothbrush and rub it up and down my clit, with the warm water and the toothbrush, WOW! Then I push the toothbrush up my pussy and move it in circles. It’s GREAT! Now I’m all hot thinking about it! Gotta go take a bath!

Soaring to Climax

When I start to get a little bit turned on in the shower (we have a shower that's in a bath) I lay down on my back with my legs up against the wall, turn on the tap a little bit and let the water trickle onto my hard clit. Closing my eyes, I work my way up to climax, and when I feel all my muscles tense up, I just let the orgasms soar. If that hasn't finished me off enough, I’ll grab my electric toothbrush and let the bristles twirl around on my wet fat clit. So horny right now, gonna go do it. Have fun all.

Like Being Fucked

When I’m taking my shower, I take a toothbrush in put into my pussy. It seems like someone is fucking me...wow. It's great...have a try.