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Women's Toothbrush Tips:   
Toothbrush on Clit    
Toothbrush in Vagina    
Toothpaste on Clit    
In the Shower/Bath    
Toothbrush Sex Toys    
Men's Toothbrush Tips:   
Toothbrush on Cock    
Toothbrush in Ass    
Toothpaste on Cock    
In the Shower/Bath    
Toothbrush Sex Toys    
Women: Homemade Toothbrush Sex Toys

Cucumber Vibrator

Hollow out a cucumber then take an electric toothbrush and stick it inside the hole. Make sure that the electric toothbrush tip reaches near the top of the cucumber. Put a condom over it and insert in your vagina. I do this when my boyfriend isn’t home and this only uses one hand. With the other hand rub your clit. It takes me 2 minutes to have an orgasm.

Magic Toothbrush Wand

Take an electric toothbrush and get a length of flexible rubber tubing big enough to fit over the brush attachment (about 1 cm across) and long enough to cover it. Slip the tubing over the brush so the bristles are covered. The tubing makes a smooth, padded surface to stroke against your clit. Switch the toothbrush on and use it like a magic wand.

Toothbrush Fuck Buddy

I like to use an electric toothbrush that is attached to a stuffed animal (a large doll works good). It poses as a real person! While you are using the toothbrush on your clit, stick a pen or some other object up into your vagina. Bouncing up and down a bit also has a great effect!

Maxi Method

I like to masturbate with a wet maxi pad on and an electric toothbrush. I put the pad under warm water, press it on to my pussy and press the toothbrush directly onto my clit. The orgasm is totally awesome!

Twice As Good

Two things have been suggested on here, a warm washcloth with Vaseline, and an electric toothbrush. But why not combine them? I did, and it's twice as good as either of them alone. Go ahead…try it!