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Women's Toothbrush Tips:   
Toothbrush on Clit    
Toothbrush in Vagina    
Toothpaste on Clit    
In the Shower/Bath    
Toothbrush Sex Toys    
Men's Toothbrush Tips:   
Toothbrush on Cock    
Toothbrush in Ass    
Toothpaste on Cock    
In the Shower/Bath    
Toothbrush Sex Toys    
Men: Toothpaste on Cock

Feel the Burn

Smear toothpaste over the head and the shaft of your penis.
Jack-off as normal, as the toothpaste sets in, the extra blood circulating your dick trying to warm your dick from the mint an arousing pain will arise. Honestly you have to try this, something about toothpaste causes a minty pain that'll blow you away!

Better Than Lotion

Rub your hard cock with some toothpaste & water instead of oil, lotion, etc., then just wank away normally. The sensation is really great!

Icy and Awesome

Put toothpaste on before jackin' off. After that use any lube you want! It gives an icy cold feeling that feels awesome.

Cool and Fresh

Hey guys I got a great idea for you. First take some toothpaste and all you have to do is use it like a lotion. Put the toothpaste on you penis and just start rubbing, it feels great you get a fresh cool feeling. IT’S GREAT!!!

It's Hot

Try toothpaste -- it’s hot and great!

Pure Rush

When masturbating, put minty toothpaste on your exposed cock head and don't touch your dick. After a while the mint begins to kick in and it's a pure rush.

Really Cool, Man

It is wonderful experience to put a bit of toothpaste on your cock head and remove it after 30 sec. The feeling is really COOL and the stroking after this is very exciting. Try it!

Best Hand Job

Toothpaste. Try putting toothpaste around the base of your head, then get your hand wet and start stroking. Gel-ment toothpaste seems to work the best, the paste starts to heat up. This is about the best hand job I ever had.

Comfortably Numb

Place toothpaste on the end of your knob because it will numb it and raise stimulation.

Not a Good Idea

Don’t use baking soda toothpaste to masturbate with...feels great for the first two seconds, then you have the next 30 minutes of extreme pain while washing it off to think about how dumb of an idea it was.

Double Whammy

I once used Gold Bond medicated powder in combination with Mentadent toothpaste for lube...'nuff said...

For Teeth Only

Out of curiosity, I once tried toothpaste on my cock. Forgetting what it feels in one's mouth, I soon remembered. The thing is sticky and burns hotter than Hell's flames. I rushed to the bathtub and washed away as I could. Keep that stuff for da teeth ;).

Burned Like Crazy

I tried using Colgate toothpaste to beat off with. Burned like crazy. It was a very intense cold hot burning feeling. I jumped in the shower to wash it off which of course made it worse. Thought I was going to die.

Naive Mistake

I was young and had just gotten into masturbation. Somewhere, I had heard of lubricant, and thought it was just silly. After all, I was able to get ample pleasure in normal ways, right? Well, one night, I could tell it just wasn't working for me, and it would take a while for me to ejaculate. Since I had school in the morning, I searched frantically about for something to use as a lubricant. Finally, I found something. The bad part was that, still being naive about sex, I used toothpaste. Needless to say, it felt horrible. The burning was so intense, that I was literally rolling on the floor and putting my penis into buckets of water until -- guess what -- it was time for me to get up. The pain didn't go away until an hour after I got to school.

Cock Sushi

Apply lotion to your penis before you masturbate. Add a bit of Darlie toothpaste to clear off the germs present. Next, fill a bucket with ice-cubes and then submerge your penis in it for 5-10 minutes...Now rub some wasabi on your dick head and finally, you're ready for the time of your life...