Women's Toothbrush Tips:   
Toothbrush on Clit    
Toothbrush in Vagina    
Toothpaste on Clit    
In the Shower/Bath    
Toothbrush Sex Toys    
Men's Toothbrush Tips:   
Toothbrush on Cock    
Toothbrush in Ass    
Toothpaste on Cock    
In the Shower/Bath    
Toothbrush Sex Toys    
Men: Toothbrush in Ass

Doesn't Make You Gay

For the guys: I was a very reluctant at first, but when I tried it it was absolutely intense. Whack off anyway you like (I prefer doing it in the bath coz its cleaner) but while you're whacking off, insert the handle of a toothbrush in your ass. Not too far, just an inch or two and wiggle it around in there. The orgasm is totally it. Only problem is that after a few times, you sorta get used to it and the orgasms are still intense, but not like the first time. Guess it's sorta like crack. It doesn't make you gay, and nobody'll know about it. Oh yeah, clean your toothbrush handle afterwards.

Chewing Cum

Get really hard, get a nice piece of gum and start chewing it, then use a electric toothbrush on your ass, then stick 2 markers in your ass while jacking off. Then before you cum, make sure you can get some cum on the gum and get it on there then chew the gum/cum.

Up Yours

Get a electric toothbrush, wrap something smooth over it and stick it up your ass. Anal sex rules.

Panty Sniffer

I use a vibrating cock ring on my dick so I can go hands free. I take a toothbrush or pencil and slowly work it in and out of my asshole all while sniffing a pair of panties that my 39-year-old girlfriend has worn.

It Feels So Good

When I’m feeling really horny sometimes I get naked and go skinny dipping, or if it’s too cold to swim, I like to use my toothbrush (smooth end, not the brush end), get it lubed up (with saliva) and slowly insert it up my ass. It feels so good and just as I’m about to cum I pull it out. It feels so good.

Start Small

I lie on my stomach and bend my rod back between my legs, start rubbing my whole body against the mattress and when I’m about to come, I shove a deodorant can up my ass. Start with a pen or a toothbrush as it will hurt to start, and gradually make the object bigger. It hits my spot anyway. Then let your dick get trapped with the deodorant can and continue to rub until you come. Excellent results.

Catch Your Cum

Lay on your bed and bend your legs over your head so your dick is over your face. Lube up something like a toothbrush handle and put it in your ass. While you are fucking yourself, you can jerk off with your other hand until you cum. Make sure that when you cum you catch it in your mouth. It’s such a turn on.

Everything Up the Butt

I masturbate when I stick my fingers up my ass. Sometimes I stick a pencil or a pen in. Other ideas are chop sticks, toothbrushes - use both ends, and the aerial on my phone.

Balls to the Wall

I lay on my back and put my legs up on a wall and come in my mouth. It helps if you shove a vibrating toothbrush up your ass while you do this, it feel so good, and the come tastes great.