Sex Toys

Organize Your Sex Toys

If you have more than a few sex toys in your collection, you know that it can be hard to store them neatly and carefully. Too often we just throw our toys in a drawer, a bag, or even under the bed. Careless storage can lead to disorganization, and dirty or even damaged toys.

Fortunately, the Dildo Diva is here to help you avoid these pitfalls, offering several methods you can use to keep your toys tidy, organized and ready for action. No more fumbling around, untangling vibrator wires or scrambling to find just the right butt plug. With everything at your fingertips, you’ll save time better spent having fun with yourself or your partner. So grab your dildos, and let’s get organized!

Organize Your Toys:   
Tool Belt    
Tackle Box    
Shoe Organizer    
Desk Organizer    
Spice Rack    
Drawer Tray    
Secret Agent Case    


Problem: Pockets bulging with toys

Stuffing your pockets with sex toys is awkward and can ruin the lines of your outfit. There’s a right place for a bulge – in your crotch, not your back pocket.

Solution: A Carpenter's Toolbelt

A carpenter’s tool belt is the ideal solution, with a selection of pockets and loops to fit your smallest vibe or your biggest dong.

Batman Would Envy This Utility Belt

With your dildos and vibrators holstered, now you’re all outfitted to get busy. Add a bottle of lube and it’s tool time!


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