Kiiroo Onyx II Review – An Improved VR Sex Experience

kiiroo onyx 2

First introduced to the sex toy playground back in 2013, the Kiiroo brand has quickly become one of the most high-tech and sought-after names in the industry. Why? Because their products are competitive with the “cream of the crop” toys that interactive porno fans already love. Just like those other toys, Kiiroo aims to please, with an array of sex-tech attachments and options that connect couples near and far.

Kiirroo’s Onyx, for example, is one of those sex toys you hear about often but seldom ever see in use. Perhaps it’s because of the surprisingly high cost of the contraption, or maybe it’s because of the relatively unknown manufacturer that many people don’t yet own a Kiiroo Onyx. Then again, it could be due to this toy being so revolutionary that a lot of folks simply have no idea what to do with it.

Our team set out to test this newfangled Amsterdam-derived masturbator with an objective point-of-view, in the hopes that our information might help consumers figure out how to use it and decide whether they want to try it or not. We could care less either way. It’s simply our job to educate.

What Is the Kiiroo Onyx Masturbator?

We recently got our hands on the Kiiroo Onyx so we could see firsthand what all the hushed fuss was about. Comparable to the VStroker and the LoveSense Max, which are not quite as sophisticated, the Onyx allows users to experience a hands-free orgasm on their own or with a partner. Originally designed to be a solo toy, the automatic actions put on quite the one-man show. However, the manufacturer was sure to make it fun for couples as well.

Put simply, the Kiiroo Onyx masturbator is an all-inclusive sex toy. It’s made to satisfy even the most insatiable appetites by approaching live sex in a completely new way. Using the latest in technological advancements, the Kiiroo product line is ideal for individuals or couples who are burned out by traditional sex toys and long-distance voyeurism. In other words, it makes sex more interactive even when the users are miles apart.

The Kiiroo virtual platform is free to access for anyone who buys the toy, and the inventory of accessories is impressive as well, including products such as the Kiiroo Pearl (which is like the Onyx for women). While the Onyx is just one of the many products sold by the brand, it is the most versatile. Users can link their toy up to the Kiiroo online database for instant access to interactive porn, which is organized based on categories such as porn star, position, and interest. We understand that this sort of toy, which is also compatible with Oculus Rift, pales in comparison to actual one-on-one sex, but we also know that it’s a very effective substitute.

The Basic Features

What we love most about the Kiiroo brand is that they offer numerous features both on their toys and on their interactive website. Truly an innovative company, Kiiroo offers both a Couple’s Set or a Solo Play kit for the Onyx. Either choice is capable of sending and receiving data from the other device or from the online platform, allowing the user to simply sit back and enjoy the automatic sensations by themselves or with an active partner.

This product offers two different modes of operation: automatic (as described above) and manual. To use the manual function, all that’s needed is a firm thrust to insert the penis and get the mechanism going. Some fans call this thing “The Blowjob Machine of the Future,” and we can certainly see why. It is surprisingly easy to start, relatively powerful, and expectedly fun to use, with an ample total length of 9.5 inches (24 centimeters), a vibrating motor that uses various rings and ribbons to send chills up your spine, and a textured hypoallergenic silicone sleeve that feels a lot like real skin.

We appreciated the removable sleeve feature, indicative of the Fleshlight brand that recently formed a partnership with the Kiiroo manufacturer. Although the toy usually requires a 4 to 5 hour charging session, the wait is well worth it most of the time. The unique hyper-flesh material feels great and can withstand intense amounts of pressure without losing any of its integrity, but we suggest using the Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer if you can afford to. It doesn’t cost much but it’s a total game changer.

We approached the Kiiroo Onyx with medical precision to find out what made it so worthy of the Fleshlight sponsorship, since Fleshlight is the number one selling sex toy brand in the world. After dissecting it, we discovered its magic: 10 inner rings which move rhythmically based on the toy’s solo settings or on the interactive pornographic data being sent or received by the online platform or through the Kiiroo Pearl. The toy’s solo settings feature three separate and distinguishable modes: manual (which requires the use of the touchpad on the front), slow motion, and fist-pump.

Furthermore, the Kiiroo Onyx (and Pearl for that matter) are not meant to be moved up and down to provide stimulation. On the contrary, they are stationery sex toys that do the work for you, moving in tandem with one another or pumping in unison to the directions given on the control panel. The inner pleasure core has two air channels that release air from the device’s contractions, and in doing so they create a realistic sucking sensation that provides orgasm with minimal effort. When used with another Onyx or Pearl, partners’ muscle contractions are recorded and mimicked then sent to the other device in real time, which is primarily what makes the Kiiroo brand so well-deserving of its new collaboration.

What You Get for the Money

Although some people believe the Kiiroo Onyx is expensive for a motorized blowjob machine, what you get for the money is noteworthy. Not only do customers get free access to the online interactive porno database, but they also receive the following items in the swanky black box that the toy comes packaged in:

  • The Kiiroo Onyx Hands-Free Masturbator
  • A micro-USB charger
  • A guide to the Kiiroo brand online user’s manuals
  • An authentication card to get the free online software
  • A durable storage box for the toy
  • A brand name sample of water-based lubricant

Of course, any accessories like the sleeve warmer or the compatible Kiiroo Pearl are sold separately and will cost a bit more to possess. However, the free content accessible with the authentication card gives customers the ability to join interactive chat rooms that make Skype look like AOL.

Our Experience

We had the pleasure of trying out the Kiiroo Onyx for ourselves, and we were privileged to test the whole shebang: solo mode, partnered up, and online using the virtual reality platform. Although the main functions of the toy are the same no matter how we used it, we could certainly tell a difference between the solo play feature and what the machine did after we hooked it up to receive incoming data. Our experience led us to believe that the chic and sexy Onyx is deserving of its clever nickname and loyal fan following, as well as of its relation to the prestigious Fleshlight name.

The Good, Bad, and the Ugly

As a high-tech masturbator, the Kiiroo offers software that is compatible with both Mac and PC (albeit only for Windows 7 or 10). It also has 4.0 Bluetooth capability and can easily sync to most smart devices. One might assume that such an innovative piece of computerized technology would be large and cumbersome, but the Onyx is surprisingly sleek and manicured.


The Onyx, just as its name suggests, is black, but there exists an attractive red band around the bottom to display the various buttons on the control panel. The glossy touch pad and understated multi-functional button controls the masturbator for seamless and discrete pleasure. As for the overall design of the toy, it is obviously made from high-end products and built to last.


  • Innovative Idea – This toy offers instant gratification on-site or for long-distance romances.
  • Interactive Enticements – It can be used with Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear, and Google Cardboard for versatile virtual porn adventures.
  • Couples Play – The teledildonic technology makes it real-time fun for lusty partners.
  • Preventative Maintenance – The removable sleeve and LED battery level/Bluetooth connection indicator make it easy to use and maintain the toy.
  • Web Browsing – A properly synced Onyx allows users to interact live with a partner or enjoy pre-recorded content from top porn stars.
  • Inside Out – The velvety sleeve can be turned inside out to provide another tantalizing texture.
  • No Strings Attached – The contraption functions flawlessly without the need for batteries or bothersome cords and wires.
  • Mind. Blown. – The realness of the 180-degree, 3D stereoscopic views are enthralling to say the least.


  • Patience is a Virtue – It takes the Onyx about 4.5 hours to charge initially, and about 2.5-3 hours to recharge after that.
  • Tricks are for Kids – This toy does not have any of the interactive sex games like the VStroker/Fleshlight combo does.
  • Noise Pollution – Especially on full speed, this thing can get kind of loud.
  • Cost Ineffectiveness – The price tag of the Onyx might deter some folks from trying it out even if it does look amazing
  • Connectivity Conundrum – Be prepared to experience some sync delays or connectivity issues, especially if your Mac, PC, or smart devices aren’t up to date.

Aside from these pros and cons, the Kiiroo Onyx uses content from the very first VR porn site in the world, This site, which offers high-quality interactive adult videos, features some of the industry’s hottest faces: Tanya Tate, Lisa Ann, Bobbi Eden and Jasmine Jae just to name a few. While it does have a few design and functionality flaws, the full body pleasure derived from the Kiiroo Onyx and its compatible porn is spine-tingling.

Furthermore, the manufacturers of the Onyx have launched another cutting-edge innovation in conjunction with This revolutionary site allows visitors to enter a 3D wonderland where they can freely explore a safe carnal adventure that includes real-time erotic movements from leading porn stars like the ones mentioned above. We found that arousing, but were quickly turned off by fact that we had to purchase coins to enjoy the ride. Maybe it’s true what they say after all; nothing in this world is free.

We Like to Get the Last Word

Our final verdict on the Kiiroo Onyx is an honest one, despite the fact that we are known lovers of the Fleshlight brand. Without question, we can say that the Onyx and its partner, the Pearl, are a pair of toys that help users experience their wildest fantasies in the privacy of their own home, and without the need for condoms and contraceptives. Still, we can’t sit here and say that this toy is made to suit everybody.

While the interactive online content is very hot and the variation of porn star models is impressive, we remained unsatisfied by the limited range of motion allowed when the Onyx is in use. However, we quickly became fans of the of online platform when we discovered we could randomly select partners, seduce them, and have a one night stand with a complete stranger, no strings attached. This, we believe, could be the start of something big.

Overall, the Kiiroo Onyx is in a class of its own, even if there are less sophisticated imitators out there that promise to do the same thing. We can’t give the Onyx or its innovative online platform a perfect 10 or else we would never get to enjoy the new and improved models that are sure to come. Still, we can comfortably hand out a solid 9.5 rating while keeping our fingers crossed for the future, knowing that Kiiroo and its newfound partner, Fleshlight, will take good care of us. Until then, be sure to stock up on the water-based lube or else you’ll be sorry when using the Kiiroo Onyx.


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