Sex Toys

Every Halloween millions of pumpkins go to waste, tossed away like cheap trash. However, with a little creativity, that seemingly innocent pumpkin can become one hot sex toy.

Sex Toys for Women:   
Pumpkin Dildo    
Double Penetration    
Frottage Frumkin    
Sex Toys for Men:   
Pumpkin Goo Pussy    
Glove Love    

Pumpkin Dildo

Step 1: Mark two concentric circles on the pumpkin

Trace around the base of your dildo, then make a circle around it at least one inch wider in diameter. In the center, mark a circle the diameter of your dildo.

Step 2: Make the lid

Cut out the center circle, then cut the outer circle at a shallow inward angle to form a "lid".

Step 3: Make room for the dildo

Insert the dildo into the hole in the lid, mark around the base on the underside, then use a spoon to scoop out the pumpkin flesh to make a niche for the dildo base to fit into.

Step 4: Check your fit

Make sure the dildo fits in flush with the pumpkin so the lid will sit properly.

Step 5: Place the dildo in the pumpkin

Fit the dildo into the lid and place on the pumpkin. Situate the pumpkin on the floor, a bed, or sturdy coffee table.

Step 6: Ride the orange pony

Go for it!


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