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Make Your Own Super Awesome Candy Corn DIY Dildo


Skip the mini chocolate bars and make something that’s really “fun size.” Use the instructions and recipe below to create these tasty and colorful sex toys made from real candy corn candy. While these toys are firm enough for penetration, we suggest you use them only as a decoration or edible treat.

Instructions for Mold:

Choose the sex toys that you want to use as the models for your homemade dildo, or create a form out of clay or some other material. We fashioned our butt plug form out of clay. If you’re using a real sex toy to cast the mold, don’t use a valuable one; it may get damaged in the molding process.

diy dildo

Select milk carton containers of an appropriate size for your toys, and cut off the tops. Make sure you have a couple of inches to spare when the toy is sitting on the bottom of the carton.

homemade dildo

Grease the sex toys with shortening or vegetable oil for easier release from the wax. Position in the bottom of the cartons, making sure they’re centered.

home made dildo

Melt paraffin wax over low heat on the stove. The amount of wax you need will vary depending on the size of your toys and the mold. You can estimate beforehand by filling the mold container with water and measuring. One pound of paraffin makes about 2 cups when melted. We used about 4 pounds of wax for two molds.

With the toy or mold form on the bottom of the container, carefully pour in the liquid paraffin. Make sure the level covers the top of the toy by at least an inch or more. The wax will sink in the center as it cools, so this area will become thinner. Let cool overnight until completely solid and peel off the paper carton.

Using a knife, cut the wax block in half vertically. Heating the blade over a flame can make cutting the wax easier. Cut around the toy from all sides, then pry the two halves of the mold open.

how to make a dildo

Grease the inside of the molds with shortening or vegetable oil. Reassemble the two halves and encircle with rubber bands to keep the mold together.

Using the following recipe, make candy corn candy. This recipe makes enough candy for one medium dildo and one small to medium butt plug.


1/3 cup butter
2/3 cup white corn syrup
1 cup sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla
Yellow and red food coloring
3 cups powdered sugar
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/3 cup powdered milk

Directions for Candy:

In a bowl, sift together powdered sugar, salt and powdered milk. Combine sugar, corn syrup, and butter in a pan. Bring to a boil stirring constantly to prevent burning. Turn heat to low and boil 5 minutes, stirring occasionally. Remove from heat and stir in vanilla. Add powdered sugar mixture all at once to pan. Transfer to Kitchenaid mixer and beat on high speed, or beat by hand until candy has the consistency of soft taffy. The candy should still be warm and pliable, but you must work quickly before it cools.

Remove enough to form the white portion of the finished candy and set aside in a bowl. Add yellow food coloring to the remainder to achieve desired shade. Remove a portion of yellow base for the orange portion, and add red food coloring to achieve the desired shade of orange.

Starting with white, drop the candy into greased molds using a spoon or spatula. Allow each layer to settle to avoid air pockets. Repeat with yellow and orange layers. Let candy set overnight before unmolding. For maximum firmness, chill in refrigerator for several hours.


When completely hardened, carefully unmold and wipe any residual vegetable oil off the surface. If using for penetration, dust with cornstarch to reduce stickiness and cover with a condom (putting anything sugary into the vagina can result in yeast infections).

Body heat may cause the candy to soften.

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Instructions On How To Make Your Own DIY Vibrator

Make Your Own Produce Homemade Vibrator

When looking for a handy sex aid, many of us turn to the produce aisle for inspiration, and a dildo or masturbation toy may be as close as the refrigerator or fruit bowl. While the humble cucumber and its comrades have served well, we’ve stepped things up a bit to bring you some more elaborate creations. With these you should have no trouble getting your daily five servings of fruits and vegetables.

A Note on Safety: Use common sense. Before playing with produce, wash it thoroughly with warm water and antibacterial soap. If you are inserting a produce item vaginally, we very strongly recommend covering it with a condom to prevent damage to sensitive areas, and to minimize risk of anything getting “lost” inside you. Do not insert anything pointy, like a carrot. Never, ever insert fruits or vegetables anally; they can become lodged in the rectum or lower bowel, requiring emergency medical attention and possible surgery to remove. If you are warming produce before use, submerging it in hot water is the preferred heating method. Use a microwave with extreme caution; the inside of items can become very hot and cause severe burns. Not following these guidelines may result in injury.

We recommend using waterproof vibrators to make these toys, or wrapping the vibrator carefully in a condom or plastic wrap secured tightly with a rubber band. Moisture seeping into a non-waterproof vibrator can cause damage to the device.

Classic Cucumber Dildo

The cucumber is a time-honored favorite from the refrigerator. Here we’ve updated it with a bullet vibrator and a celery stick clit stimulator. Cut off the end of a cucumber and dig a hollow in it about twice as long as your bullet vibrator. Cut a length of celery about four inches long. About an inch from the open end of the cuke, cut a hole in the side just big enough to fit the celery. Push the bullet vibe all the way in, then insert the celery stalk, pushing it down behind the bullet. You’ll feel the vibrations deep inside while the celery ridges tickle your clit.

Papaya Pussy

The super slick flesh of this fruit combines with smooth slippery seeds creating a sensation you won’t soon forget. Select a ripe papaya long enough to fit your penis but small enough to hold comfortably in one hand. Cut a hole in the round end (not the stem end) a little smaller than your penis. Remove most of the pulp and loose seeds from the inside, leaving some attached to the sides to make “ridges”. The papaya is ready to use at this point, but you can also add vibration. At the stem end, cut a small hole through the meat of the papaya perpendicular to the tunnel and slide in a small bullet vibrator.

Cucumber-Melon Ball

This creation was inspired by a reader who suggested inserting a cucumber dildo into a melon base so it could be “ridden”. We’ve gone one better and added vibration and a second ridged cucumber for clit or anal stimulation. Cut two holes in a melon a couple of inches apart. Size the holes so that your cucumbers will fit in snugly. Cut a few inches off the end of a cucumber, carve ridges into the surface, and hollow out the base to fit a bullet vibrator. Cut a small notch in the base to accommodate the wire when the piece is inserted. Fit the bullet in place and insert the cuke section into one of the holes, then push the other whole cucumber into place in the other. This can be ridden facing either direction, with the vibrating element pressing against the clit or anal area.

English Cucumber Double Dildo

You and a friend can share your love of produce with this two-ended toy. Select the longest English cucumber you can find. One with a curve to it is ideal. Near the center of the cuke, carve out two small holes in which to insert your bullet vibrators. You can leave the vibrators sticking up a bit to nudge your clit(s). We added some textured jelly cock rings for extra stimulation.

Japanese Eggplant Wand

These elegant eggplants have many advantages as a sex toy – they’re long, smooth, slightly pliant, come in a variety of sizes, and are often gently curved. We installed a bullet vibrator by carving out a hollow near the stem end of the eggplant. As a clitoral tickler, we selected a frilly kale leaf. To insert the kale, poke a hole through the eggplant with a skewer or small knife and thread the kale stem through. A little vegetable oil “lube” can ease the way.

Bell Pepper-Asparagus Clit Vibe

In general, it’s best to stay away from peppers when making sex toys from food, but we made an exception for this sweet red bell pepper. To make this toy, carefully cut the bell pepper on the diagonal so that the “bump” inside below the stem remains intact. Remove all seeds and trim the inner membranes around the protuberance. With a corer or knife, cut around the stem and remove it, leaving the rest of the cap intact. Carve out a hollow where the stem was and insert a bullet vibe. For an optional anal tickler, cut a small hole below the vibrator and insert a sturdy stalk of asparagus with a base wider than the tip. The asparagus can rest against the anal area. We don’t suggest inserting it, but if you do, cover the entire toy with a condom in case the stalk breaks.

One Potato, Two Potato

This hefty yam promises to be mighty filling, while a small potato serves as a side dish. Cut an inch or two off the end of a yam or sweet potato. If the other end is pointy, carve it down and round it off. Use an apple corer to remove flesh from the inside of the yam, carving out a hole long enough and wide enough to insert a slim vibrator. This dual vibrator had an attached bullet, so we slipped that into a small Yukon Gold potato, also cored out. Pass the butter!

Zucchini-Carrot Combo

Zucchinis are a favorite alternative to the classic cucumber dildo. Here we’ve added some baby carrots for clit and G-spot stimulation. Cut a couple of inches off the end of a zucchini, carefully hollow it out, and insert a slim vibrator. Near the base of the zuke, make some small circular holes 1/4 to 1/2 inch in diameter. Cut off short lengths of baby carrots and insert into the holes. Adjust the height of the bumps depending on how wild a ride you want.

Starfruit Passion

This tropical fruit is just the right size and shape for an exotic sex toy. Select a starfruit that is underripe and firm. Cut a small hole in the stem end and hollow out a cavity just big enough for a bullet vibrator. Insert the bullet (if it’s not waterproof, you may need to cover it with plastic wrap to protect it from the juice). The starfruit’s ridges are perfect for gliding along your clit, and produce unique sensations when inserted.

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Laser Sword Sex Toys – Dildos

Here’s what you need: a toy laser sword with a retractable blade, a
brightly colored clear jelly dildo, a utility knife, and a mini LED
flashlight. Match the color of the flashlight to the color of the dildo if
you can.With the utility knife, carefully cut a slot into the base of the dildos
deep enough and wide enough for the flashlight to fit inside. Be careful
not to cut too far toward the edges of the dildo or it will split in half.Turn the mini flashlight on and insert it into the opening in the
base of the dildo, with the LED light pointing toward the dildos tip.
Insert fully until it is flush with the base of the diy dildo.Insert the base of the jelly dildo into the opening in the top of
the laser sword. You need to choose a dildo that will fit snugly inside
this opening.Your laser sword dildo is ready to conquer the galaxy.Just turn out the lights and amaze your friends (and foes) with
this space age sex toy.

If you are not very good at craftsmanship, we suggest you to check out our list of the top male sex toys for 2018.

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Tips On How To Make Your Own DIY Homemade Fleshlight Sex Toy


  • Empty potato chip can
  • Foam rubber (approx. 9”x9”x1” or 9”x18”x1/2”)
  • Condom
  • 1 ¼” O-ring
  • Scissors
  • Marking pens

Empty the chips out of the can. You can use whatever brand and flavor you prefer, but we like the one shown here for the container’s ergonomic shape and durable, colorful plastic. Lay out the foam and trim to fit the length of the container if necessary. The length of the foam can be up to a half inch longer than the length of the can.

Unroll the condom and drop the O-ring inside. If you use a lubricated condom, turn it inside out first, so the lube is on the inner surface.

Lay the condom along the foam with the open end slightly above the edge, and mark across where the O-ring lays in the condom. Cut the foam into two pieces along this line.

Roll up the smaller piece of foam and push it into the bottom of the can. Lay the condom against the shorter edge of the other piece of foam so that the tip and the O-ring are hanging over one end and the open top of the condom is hanging over the other. Roll up the foam with the condom inside. The O-ring should be flat against one end of the foam roll, and the top of the condom should be sticking out of the center of the other end.

With the scissors, make a nick in the tip of the condom, just enough so some air can get through. Insert the foam roll into the chip container, making sure the open end of the condom stays above the top of the foam. Leave about ½” of foam above the rim of the can.

Use a nail or screwdriver to poke a small hole on the side of the can near the bottom.

If desired, use a pink or red marker to draw a vagina or lips on the foam around the center hole before covering the foam with the condom.

Carefully stretch the condom around the rim of the can and over the lip so it covers the foam. The lip of the can will hold the condom in place.

To use your homemade fleshlight toy, squirt some water-based, non-greasy lube into
the condom and insert your penis. Cover the hole in the can with the tip of your
finger to control the amount of “suction” you get. Closing the hole will
increase the suction, so leave it open as you stroke in, and cover it on the out


Remove the foam roll and replace the condom after use (or rinse and reuse, if
you’re really cheap). Use a textured condom turned inside out for more
stimulation. Because the condom has a small opening on the end, the foam at the
bottom of the can will periodically need to be replaced.

When stored with the lid on, the homemade flashlight can be conveniently camouflaged as an innocent can of potato chips (the can on the left has an advantage because its lid is opaque).. However, you need to release the edge of the condom
from the lip of the can before you put the top on. If the condom is stretched
around the top when you put the lid on, the lid will cut through the thin rubber of the condom. Leave the top of the condom loose, push the foam in, and cover
with the lid. To use, just pop the top, pull the foam out a bit, and restretch
the rubber.DIY Fleshlight feels awesome!

Once you realize how good it feels we suggest you to go with the original fleshlight toys as they are more convenient and do not even cost that much these days. Use this resource to find the best fleshlight for your needs! Cheers!

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