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The Sincerest Form of Flattery

You know what they say about imitation. However, “flattered” doesn’t completely describe the feeling you get when you see someone else selling a dead ringer for one of your creations.


On the left you see our Thigh Exerciser Sex Toy, which we posted in January 2008 (see our writeup on Gizmodo). On the right is the Uniram Sex Machine, which we just discovered the other day, but which seems to have come out sometime in mid-2009.

Granted, we can’t claim that our idea was wholly original. Others have combined exercise equipment and sex toys, such as this “Personal Exercise System” that we included in our feature on Sex Toy Patents.

exercise.jpgMaybe we should have filed a patent for our device, but we’re not in the business of producing toys for mass consumption. We’re here to show you how to make your own and save money.

So go get yourself a ThighMaster off of eBay, a $10 vibrator, and some random nuts and bolts, and check our how-to. There - you just saved $150. You’re welcome.

Bubble Wrap Turns 50: Celebrate and Masturbate


Bubble wrap, one of the niftiest inventions ever, turned 50 years old this week. Besides cushioning billions of dollars worth of breakables in its long career, and providing endless hours of bubble-popping fun to millions, bubble wrap happens to be a great material for DIY sex toys. Its availability, texture, and ease of use make it easy to incorporate into many projects. We've previously shown how to make a basic bubble wrap masturbation sleeve as well as evaluated bubble wrap as a sound insulator to silence vibrators.

To celebrate bubble wrap's birthday, we present a new bubble wrap creation, based on a suggestion from one of our readers in the UK. He suggested taking our original "Sponge Off" masturbator design, and enhancing it with bubble wrap to make a bumpy, textured inner sleeve.

The materials for this project are simple and cheap:

  • 1 liter plastic soda bottle
  • Two 3.5"x6" kitchen sponges
  • Piece of bubble wrap, about 1 x 2 feet
  • Packing tape (or other strong tape)
  • Scissors or utility knife

1. Cut the neck and tapered top off the soda bottle, so you are left with a cylinder. Try to cut evenly, but don't worry about the edge itself being rough; it will be covered.

sponge2.jpg2. Moisten sponges and wring out. Lay them flat on the rolled out bubble wrap, leaving a space between them of about 2 inches. Leave a little extra bubble wrap exposed above the top of the sponges.

sponge3.jpg3. Fold the bubble wrap around the sponges and tuck the edge underneath.

sponge4.jpg4. Fold the sponges together and push the sponges and bubble wrap into the soda bottle. The end with the extra bubble wrap should be sticking out of the opening.

sponge5.jpg5. Press the sponges against the sides of the bottle and pull the excess bubble wrap down around the sides so the plastic edge is completely covered. Tape the bubble wrap in place around the outside of the bottle.

sponge6.jpgThat's it! To use, squirt in some water-based lube and go to it. The unit can be easily taken apart so the sponges can be washed and the bubble wrap replaced.

This is a great way to recycle clean, used bubble wrap. But if you have styrofoam packing peanuts, we have a project for those too. Just scroll down to the bottom of this page.

DIY Project: Toothbrush Vibrator Attachment

The electric toothbrush is one of the most popular improvised sex toys: it's cheap, effective, convenient, and discreet. The only problem is the bristles. Don't let abrasion ruin your buzz. Here's how to turn a worn out brush head into a clit-friendly toothbrush attachment. Thanks to the reader who suggested this.



  • Oral B electric toothbrush (Triumph, ProfessionalCare, Vitality, Advanced Power, or another model that accepts the Precision Clean brush head)
  • Oral B Precision Clean toothbrush head (used or new)
  • Cap from a tube of After Bite insect bite treatment
  • Dremel tool with grinding attachment, nail file, or pencil with sandpaper wrapped around the eraser end
  • Medicine dropper with a rubber bulb
  • Scissors
  • Model airplane glue
  • Jelly cock ring "ticklers" (optional)



Remove the cap from the medication tube. The medication's main ingredient is ammonia, so you will need to wash the cap thoroughly with soap and water to remove the smell. In the center of the top of the cap is an indentation with a small nub of plastic that sticks up. With the Dremel tool, nail file, or sandpaper, sand the nub down until it is flush with the surface and the cap feels smooth to the touch.

Turn the cap over and sand around the inner lip of the cap. It needs to be enlarged slightly to fit over the toothbrush head, but you want it to fit tightly. Sand evenly to enlarge the opening slightly. toothbrush_sm4.jpg

Fit the cap over the toothbrush head. Be sure that all the bristles are inside the cap (this will be more difficult if you are using an old toothbrush head). If it still seems much too small to fit, sand the interior a little more.

Use a blunt edge like the back of scissors to press the edge of the toothbrush head into the cap until it snaps in. If the cap fits tightly it should stay in place even while the toothbrush is turned on. If you want to create a permanent attachment, you can glue the cap in place over the toothbrush head. Or you can omit the glue for a removable covering. Your toothbrush vibrator is now ready for use as is. If you would like to add a rubber covering, proceed to the next step.

Thumbnail image for toothbrush_sm5.jpgCut the rubber bulb off a medicine dropper. This will be used as a cover or cushion for the plastic cap. The section you cut off should be a couple of millimeters longer than the height of the cap because it will be stretching over a larger area.


Pull the rubber tip over the cap and glue into place. The edge of the rubber should be flush with the rim of the cap. If it hangs over too much it may rub against the toothbrush shaft and interfere with the movement of the brush head.

Thumbnail image for toothbrush_sm1.jpg

If you would like an even softer surface or a different texture, you can slip an optional jelly cock ring with stimulators around the modified toothbrush head. The rubber surface will hold it in place. The nubs of the cock ring are perfect for tickling around the clit or around the tip of a cock head. This toy is not intended for insertion - however, it's ideal for scrubbing away built up sexual tension. Use some water-based lube to reduce friction on sensitive areas.

Homemade Sex Toy: Fun in the Sun


Beach Pail Pussy

Many readers have recommended water wings (inflatable arm bands) as a male masturbation device. Now that summer's here, it's time to try this one out. If the thong bikinis and firm, oiled flesh are getting you worked up, relieve some of the tension with a discreet seaside sex toy made from common beach accoutrements.



  • Small plastic beach pail
  • Child-sized water wing inflatable armband
  • Sunscreen or lotion



Pick a flat area on the beach to position your device. Dig a hole in the sand large enough and deep enough to accommodate the bucket so that the top is just flush with the surface of the sand. An ideal spot will have dry sand on the surface, and slightly damp sand a couple of inches underneath. This will make it easier to dig the hole without the sand continually sliding back in.


Fit the bucket into the hole and push sand up around the outside of the bucket to brace it in place. Try not to get too much sand in the bucket or on the rim of the bucket.

Inflate the water wing and adjust to your desired tightness. If it has two air chambers, you may want to inflate one more than the other for variations in pressure and texture.


Insert the water wing into the bucket. Be careful not to get sand on the surface of the vinyl. This can cause discomfort and genital skin damage. If the water wing is partially inflated, put the less inflated part on top and arrange into labial folds if desired. Give it a moment to warm in the sun, but don't let it get too hot!d

Squirt some sunscreen or lotion into the water wing. Laying face down over the bucket, insert your penis into the center and hump away. With your body stretched out in the sand or on a beach blanket, you can work on your tan and no one will be able to see what's going on underneath you. When you're finished, rinse everything out in the ocean and build a sandcastle.

Reader Suggestion: Just Add Water

florist1.jpgWe often get emails from readers describing their own favorite DIY sex toys, and sometimes they come up with some pretty innovative uses for materials. A couple of readers alerted us to the perv potential of the super absorbent polymers used by florists and gardeners to supply moisture to plants. These can soak up over a hundred times their weight in water and expand from tiny grains or beads into what look like small chunks or marble-sized spheres of Jell-O.

Our readers suggested hydrating a few tablespoons of the granules inside a plastic bag or latex glove, and then inserting your business directly into the squishy stuff. While that would probably provide more interesting sensations, we're not sure how safe this material is for direct skin contact, especially in a sensitive area. So we built a polymer-filled masturbator with a liner.

florist2.jpgFirst we cut the top off of a 20 oz. plastic soda bottle, then used duct tape to cover the rough edge of the plastic. We added some of the polymer crystals (we used way more than needed - probably just two spoonfuls would have been adequate) and poured in some water. We added in some food coloring for appearance and to make the crystals more visible for demonstration purposes.

florist5.jpgAfter mixing the water and crystals and getting them rehydrated to a volume that filled the bottle, we took a plastic produce bag and pushed it down into the center of what was now a granular, gelatinous mush. (We tried using a condom, but the part stretched around the opening kept breaking.)


Cut off the top of the bag, leaving a few inches above the top, tape the edge down around the outside, and there you go.

This masturbator could be used multiple times - just replace the liner. And if the crystals start to dry out, just add more H20.

DIY Sex Toy Project: Solar Powered Vibrator

solarvibe3.jpgWe've been holding onto this project for a few months now, waiting for appropriately summery weather. Now that sunny days are here again, we can debut our contribution to the push for energy alternatives: a DIY solar powered vibrator.

This project is easier than you might think, and you don't need a huge solar array as long as you keep your expectations reasonable. You won't be able to fire up your Hitachi Magic Wand, but it only takes a couple of small solar cells to power a bullet vibrator.

So does it really work? Yes, surprisingly well. Check out the video.

Why didn't somebody think of this before? Well, actually, somebody did, and you can buy a solar powered bullet vibrator that runs off a solar rechargeable battery. Ours runs directly on sunshine, which means that have to be outside (or attach very long wires) in order to use it. But if you're going to be laying around working on your tan anyway, this is more fun than reading a John Grisham novel. 

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