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Bubble Wrap Turns 50: Celebrate and Masturbate


Bubble wrap, one of the niftiest inventions ever, turned 50 years old this week. Besides cushioning billions of dollars worth of breakables in its long career, and providing endless hours of bubble-popping fun to millions, bubble wrap happens to be a great material for DIY sex toys. Its availability, texture, and ease of use make it easy to incorporate into many projects. We've previously shown how to make a basic bubble wrap masturbation sleeve as well as evaluated bubble wrap as a sound insulator to silence vibrators.

To celebrate bubble wrap's birthday, we present a new bubble wrap creation, based on a suggestion from one of our readers in the UK. He suggested taking our original "Sponge Off" masturbator design, and enhancing it with bubble wrap to make a bumpy, textured inner sleeve.

The materials for this project are simple and cheap:

  • 1 liter plastic soda bottle
  • Two 3.5"x6" kitchen sponges
  • Piece of bubble wrap, about 1 x 2 feet
  • Packing tape (or other strong tape)
  • Scissors or utility knife

1. Cut the neck and tapered top off the soda bottle, so you are left with a cylinder. Try to cut evenly, but don't worry about the edge itself being rough; it will be covered.

sponge2.jpg2. Moisten sponges and wring out. Lay them flat on the rolled out bubble wrap, leaving a space between them of about 2 inches. Leave a little extra bubble wrap exposed above the top of the sponges.

sponge3.jpg3. Fold the bubble wrap around the sponges and tuck the edge underneath.

sponge4.jpg4. Fold the sponges together and push the sponges and bubble wrap into the soda bottle. The end with the extra bubble wrap should be sticking out of the opening.

sponge5.jpg5. Press the sponges against the sides of the bottle and pull the excess bubble wrap down around the sides so the plastic edge is completely covered. Tape the bubble wrap in place around the outside of the bottle.

sponge6.jpgThat's it! To use, squirt in some water-based lube and go to it. The unit can be easily taken apart so the sponges can be washed and the bubble wrap replaced.

This is a great way to recycle clean, used bubble wrap. But if you have styrofoam packing peanuts, we have a project for those too. Just scroll down to the bottom of this page.

Tickle Me Roxxy

Thumbnail image for fembot.jpgIf you thought that the RealDoll was the ultimate in realistic sex toys, a New Jersey toy company just upped the ante. Last weekend at the Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas marked the debut of Roxxxy, "the world's first sex robot".

Before you get too excited, Roxxxy will not be giving you the robotic hand job you're fantasizing about. She doesn't move at all. Not even her mouth.

She does talk, though, and thanks to a computer program, can actually learn to converse about your favorite subjects, like football, World of Warcraft, and Family Guy. (But still, she doesn't move her mouth while she's talking, which just adds to the creepiness factor.) You can also customize her personality, with choices ranging from a mature MILF to a kinky sex kitten. And she has touch sensors so she can respond with appropriate vocalizations when you engage her in various acts.

So, basically what you have here is the equivalent of a Furby or Tickle Me Elmo for lonely, pervy guys. Seems a bit silly? Well, we're not here to judge.

If you'd like your own inanimate girlfriend (or boyfriend) but don't have $9,000 to shell out, check out our tutorial on how to make a DIY Sex Doll.

News: Scientists Say the G-Spot Is a Myth

g-spot.jpgBad news, ladies: That new G-spot vibrator you got? It was a waste of money, because according to new research, your G-spot doesn't exist. Or does it?

Researchers at King's College in London went on a quest for the elusive G-spot, and say they came up empty handed. Their conclusion: the G-spot is a figment of women's imagination - i.e., you have one if you think you do.

Wait, what? This is setting female sexuality back 50 years. Plenty of women who enjoy G-spot stimulation will assure you that they are not just making it up. There's a reason people make such a big deal about it. It's not like the G-spot was fabricated as a gimmick to sell sex manuals and specially designed toys. (Although, if the G-spot did turn out to be a hoax, that would take a big bite out of the marital aid market.)

There are more than a few problems with this study. First, the data collected was based on participants' self-reported experiences. It's odd that, in a study seeking a physiological basis for the G-spot, none of the women were even physically examined.

Second, it didn't take into account the type of sex the women were having. Well, it did, sort of. The study excluded lesbians and bisexual women - and those are the folks who are more likely than most to know where the G-spot is and how to work it. How many husbands know where their wives' G-spots are?

This question was settled a long time ago. There is a G-spot - the urethral sponge and the surrounding tissue. It's located between the front side of the vaginal wall and the pubic bone, near the bladder. There are a lot of nerves there, plus the glands that make women squirt during female ejaculation. Pressure on this area may produce the sensation of having to pee, and it will result in some mind-blowing orgasms. Of course, everyone's body is different, so your mileage may vary.

But don't take my word for it - or some lab jockeys'. Seek out the G and you shall find it. Happy G-spotting!

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