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Household Pervertible: Makeup Brushes

makeupbrush.gifHere's a household toy you may have overlooked, especially if you're a guy: makeup brushes. Women know about them because they use them to put on cosmetics. Some have also discovered how to use them as sex toys. But this is a versatile accessory that works for male and female masturbation, as well as partner play.

You want one of those big fluffy, puffy ones with really soft bristles. Get a new, clean brush, don't just grab a used one from a makeup kit. The chemicals and fragrances in residual makeup powder could irritate your sensitive skin and tissues.

If you're using the handle as an insertible, make sure it's smooth plastic, not wood that's flaking off paint chips or something like that.

The great thing about makeup brushes is that you get two toys in one. The handle can be inserted in the ass or pussy and used as a mini dildo or plug. And the bristle end can be brushed or twirled against the clit, cock, nipples or other erotic areas.

When using a brush handle as an insertible, watch out for edges if there is a metal ferrule attaching the bristles. And exercise caution when inserting anally, especially if the brush handle is short. As with many other things, putting a condom over it is a good idea, both for clean up and safety reasons.

Some men like to masturbate by touching their dick with the makeup brush only, stroking the shaft and twirling the bristles around their balls and cock head. If you typically jerk off using a heavy stroke and lots of lube, a light, dry touch will give you a completely different experience.

The makeup brush is also a great toy for partner play. Blindfold your partner and use the brush to caress their skin and sensitive bits. Then drag the end of the handle over their skin to create a contrast. You can alternate using the brush with other types of sensation play, like ice or fur.

Add this accessory to your sex toy kit and start bristling with pleasure.

Sealed for Your Protection

sexdollseal.jpgI recently unwrapped a blow-up doll for a photo shoot and was surprised to find that both its vaginal and anal orifices were sealed "for hygienic and safety reasons" - sort of like the tamper-evident seal on a jar of mayo or a bottle of aspirin. Over said orifices, a plastic hymen awaited deflowering by the new owner. The enclosed directions warned against using sharp objects, such as scissors, knives, or needles to remove your sex doll's maidenhead. Instead you just tear it away like a pull tab.

We've often wondered if people actually use these inflatable dolls for anything other than bachelor parties and movie props. Apparently people do. And since there's been at least one incident of a burglar breaking into a sex toy store and using the love dolls, perhaps it's not such a bad idea.

Many of the sex toys we see come in some sort of sealed packaging - those impossible to open plastic packs, or a sealed plastic bag inside a box. But many of them are in packaging that's not sealed.

Since most sex toy retailers don't accept returns, it's highly unlikely that you'd receive a toy that has been used (how gross would that be?). But what if you get one that appears to have been opened? Check the retailer's policy. Some stores test vibrators before they ship them to assure they actually work. If that's something they do, it should be stated clearly on the company website. However, if the toy has been opened and it is not something that has an on/off switch, that's a red flag.

Another possibility is that the packaging was insecure and came open during shipping, or during handling in the retailer's warehouse. Considering the intimate nature of sex toys and where you put them, you would think that manufacturers would make sealed packaging the norm. Even if a toy's not "used" if it's been dropped on the floor or tossed around by warehouse workers, that's not very hygienic.

Of course, you should always wash your toys well before using them, to get rid of any chemical residue. If you really suspect there's a problem and you don't want to use the toy, talk to the retailer and see if you can exchange the product.

Q&A: My Boyfriend Wants It in the Butt - Is He Gay?

strapon.jpgQ: My boyfriend told me that he wants me to do him with a strap on dildo. Does that mean he's gay, or will it turn him gay? If not, why would he want me to do that?

Just because your boyfriend is interested in being anally penetrated, that doesn't mean he's gay, or even bisexual necessarily. Many people associate anal sex with gay men, but a lot of straight men also enjoy anal stimulation and taking it in the booty.

Men actually have more of a reason to enjoy receiving anal sex than women, because of the position and sensitivity of the prostate gland (sometimes called the male G-spot). Stimulation of the prostate can produce more intense orgasms and ejaculations, which is why so many men like putting things up their butts, especially while masturbating.

You didn't know that? Well, it's true. Guys just don't talk about it and, well, it's not really something most men would readily admit to. For the more liberated fellows, there are a number of insertable toys that are designed especially for prostate stimulation, such as the Aneros line of products.

But back to your boyfriend. Don't worry - boinking him in the butt won't turn him gay. Actually it will probably make your relationship closer. Anal sex is a very intimate act; the person being penetrated is in a very vulnerable position. The fact that he asked for this shows he trusts you, not just in opening his backdoor for you, but just by being open about his desires.

If you decide to go ahead and give your boyfriend what he's asking for, my advice is to start out small and go easy on him at first. Get a harness and a dildo that's no more than an inch in diameter. These are often sold with a butt plug and other toys in "beginners' sets". You might want to get a book on anal sex - like Anal Pleasure and Health by Jack Morin - and maybe check out the "Bend Over Boyfriend" series of videos.

Also, don't forget to get some lube. You'll need it!

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