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Q&A: Can I get addicted to my vibrator?

Can you get too much of a good thing? Think maybe you're getting spoiled by your vibrator? Or you're worried you might be burning out your clit with vibrator overload?

Some women have concerns about getting addicted to their vibrators - not in the sense of using them compulsively (masturbation addiction is a separate issue). They worry that they may become dependent on the vibrator for orgasms, and become unable to climax any other way.

A related vibrator fear is loss of sensation. Some women worry that using a vibrator regularly will cause their clitoris to become less sensitive over time, and eventually "ruin" it.

These fears are exaggerated but not entirely baseless. You can become habituated to any sort of stimulation if that's the only way you bring yourself to an orgasm. Your body and brain become accustomed to certain things, and it's hard to get them to switch gears and respond to other sensations and stimuli. That could make it harder to come during sex with a partner if you're not using sex toys.

It's also true that after you've gotten used to the strong stimulus of a vibrator, and have been using a vibrator frequently, manual or oral stimulation might not feel like that much to you, and it may seem that you've blown some nerve endings.

The good news is that all this is reversible. You and your vibrator just need to spend some time apart...and then maybe spend less time together while you switch off between different types of stimulation. Take a week or two off from masturbating altogether (if you can!). After a rest, your clit should feel wide awake, sensitive, and respond more easily to less stimuli, like your fingers.

It's easy to get used to the easy buzz and blast-off of a vibrator, and there's nothing wrong with that. But if you're concerned that you're getting too reliant on your battery-powered buddy, try mixing things up a little. It'll always be there in the drawer if you need it.

Household Pervertible: Pool Noodles

We've had a couple of reader suggestions involving this poolside accessory. One resourceful fellow who didn't want to buy a dildo sent us these instructions for how to make one using a foam pool noodle:

Cut a length of hollow pool noodle to the desired length. Slip it over a broomstick or toilet plunger handle (this will be removed and is just to make the noodle rigid for the next step). Take a long latex balloon (the kind used to make balloon animals) and roll it onto the end of the noodle and over its length, like a condom. Slip the noodle off of the broomstick. This should give you a firm but flexible dildo.

If your pool noodle is hollow (and your own noodle isn't too big), you may also be able to use a length of pool noodle as a masturbator. Squirt some lube inside and see how it fits.

The nice thing about foam noodles is that if you mess up or need to make a replacement, you've got a few extra feet of material to work with.

DIY Project: Toothbrush Vibrator Attachment

The electric toothbrush is one of the most popular improvised sex toys: it's cheap, effective, convenient, and discreet. The only problem is the bristles. Don't let abrasion ruin your buzz. Here's how to turn a worn out brush head into a clit-friendly toothbrush attachment. Thanks to the reader who suggested this.



  • Oral B electric toothbrush (Triumph, ProfessionalCare, Vitality, Advanced Power, or another model that accepts the Precision Clean brush head)
  • Oral B Precision Clean toothbrush head (used or new)
  • Cap from a tube of After Bite insect bite treatment
  • Dremel tool with grinding attachment, nail file, or pencil with sandpaper wrapped around the eraser end
  • Medicine dropper with a rubber bulb
  • Scissors
  • Model airplane glue
  • Jelly cock ring "ticklers" (optional)



Remove the cap from the medication tube. The medication's main ingredient is ammonia, so you will need to wash the cap thoroughly with soap and water to remove the smell. In the center of the top of the cap is an indentation with a small nub of plastic that sticks up. With the Dremel tool, nail file, or sandpaper, sand the nub down until it is flush with the surface and the cap feels smooth to the touch.

Turn the cap over and sand around the inner lip of the cap. It needs to be enlarged slightly to fit over the toothbrush head, but you want it to fit tightly. Sand evenly to enlarge the opening slightly. toothbrush_sm4.jpg

Fit the cap over the toothbrush head. Be sure that all the bristles are inside the cap (this will be more difficult if you are using an old toothbrush head). If it still seems much too small to fit, sand the interior a little more.

Use a blunt edge like the back of scissors to press the edge of the toothbrush head into the cap until it snaps in. If the cap fits tightly it should stay in place even while the toothbrush is turned on. If you want to create a permanent attachment, you can glue the cap in place over the toothbrush head. Or you can omit the glue for a removable covering. Your toothbrush vibrator is now ready for use as is. If you would like to add a rubber covering, proceed to the next step.

Thumbnail image for toothbrush_sm5.jpgCut the rubber bulb off a medicine dropper. This will be used as a cover or cushion for the plastic cap. The section you cut off should be a couple of millimeters longer than the height of the cap because it will be stretching over a larger area.


Pull the rubber tip over the cap and glue into place. The edge of the rubber should be flush with the rim of the cap. If it hangs over too much it may rub against the toothbrush shaft and interfere with the movement of the brush head.

Thumbnail image for toothbrush_sm1.jpg

If you would like an even softer surface or a different texture, you can slip an optional jelly cock ring with stimulators around the modified toothbrush head. The rubber surface will hold it in place. The nubs of the cock ring are perfect for tickling around the clit or around the tip of a cock head. This toy is not intended for insertion - however, it's ideal for scrubbing away built up sexual tension. Use some water-based lube to reduce friction on sensitive areas.

Wrap Up Your Sex Toy

The condom manufacturer "Huge Brand" just announced the launch of their "Toy Covers" - condoms for your sex toys. So, um...why not just use regular condoms (which is what we've been recommending for years)? At first blush this looks like a case of rebranding and repackaging an existing product as something new: same condoms, different box.

But the maker says these "sanitary barriers" are specially designed to be used with toys. They don't have a reservoir tip, and they're supposedly stronger than regular condoms to resist breakage.

Breakage isn't as big an issue with a dildo as it is with the real deal, but on the other hand, if the size of your toy stretches the limits of a standard condom and busts them on a regular basis, you might want to invest in something tougher. The price of the toy covers is comparable to that of regular condoms.

Bottom line: It's a good idea to cover your toys with a condom, for safety reasons and to make clean up quick and easy. But if you're using regular rubbers for that purpose and they're working for you, there's probably no reason to use a special product.

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