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Doggie Doll Redux

You'll have to excuse us for being little skeptical when we heard about a new sex toy - for pooches. The  prosaicly named DoggieLoveDoll debuted this week at a pet trade show in Brazil.

The prototype is a dog-shaped dummy made of red plastic, with a rubber orifice (not clear if it's a vagina or anus, so it doesn't matter which way Fido swings).

This product is being touted as "the world's first dog sex toy", but it looks awfully familiar. Perhaps you remember the HotDoll from a couple of years ago?

Despite all the hype, the HotDoll never materialized. Apparently it was just an attention-getting gimmick for a European design agency. But we have to say it was a lot more aesthetically pleasing than the DoggieLoveDoll.

Just compare the sleek, sensuous curves of the HotDoll with the chunky, seamed plastic of this newcomer. Which one would you rather hump?

Is the DoggieLoveDoll genuine, or is it just another hoax product put out to promote its "manufacturer", Petsmiling? We'll believe it's the real deal when we see it at Petco.

FAQ: Since You Assed

Today we present an all-anal edition of Sex Toy Questions. Because we don't want you doing anything half-assed.
Q: As a guy, I have only just discovered the pleasure of a vibrator and have started to use one in my ass.  I have an important medical shortly for a work-related insurance policy.  When the doctor examines me, will he know I have been inserting a vibrator in my ass?

A: No, he won't be able to tell. When he inserts a gloved finger into your rectum, he's going to be checking your prostate for enlargement or lumps. Using a vibrator won't cause any changes in your prostate (in fact, it may make your prostate healthier!), and inserting a vibrator anally will not cause any changes in your rectal tissue or muscles. Unless you are unusually sore or inflamed, he won't be able to tell a thing.

Q: Can I insert an anal probe into my vagina?

A: Sure, there's no reason you can't use an anal toy for vaginal insertion. But be careful if it has previously been in your ass. If you are going to mix your anal and vaginal toys, you need to be scrupulous about hygiene. Wash everything with antibacterial soap and hot water, or boil them if they're silicone. If your anal probe is long and slender, use some care. The vaginal canal will stretch to accommodate depth, but sudden jabbing could cause internal bruises.

Q: G-spot vibrators and prostate vibrators seem to have some similarities in design. Can a G-spot vibrator be used on the prostate to achieve orgasm?

A: Absolutely. In fact, the prostate is sometimes referred to as "the male G-spot" (or the "P-spot"). Toys that are curved or have a bump designed to hit the G-spot can just as easily be inserted anally and used to put pressure on the prostate. G-spot toys tend to be a little bigger than prostate toys, so start out small if you're new to anal stimulation.

Q: How do you keep an anal toy from popping out while you're moving?

A: We assume you mean moving around in bed, not walking down the street. Either way, if you want an anal toy that stays put, you really need to get a butt plug, or something butt-plug shaped, with a bulbous body, a narrow neck, and a wide flange. A toy with the right shape should stay put by itself. For extra security, get a butt plug harness - a belt-like device that keeps the plug strapped in. If you're not doing anything too vigorous, try the wedgie method - insert the toy, put on a pair of tight undies, and pull them into your crack.

Q: Will anal beads get stuck in my ass?  Will I be able to get them out?

A: Anal beads and similarly constructed toys often have a pull ring on one end, so you can avoid losing them up there. If they don't have a ring or handle, don't insert the last bead or two, so you have something to grasp onto. If they do all go inside, don't panic. Just bear down and you will probably be able to push out at least one bead, then grab them from there.

Fun With Food: Cucumbers

Millions of women (and men) have already discovered the cucumber's potential as a dildo. In fact, it's hard to pick one up in the produce aisle without thinking something dirty. But some guys have found another use for the cool cuke: a handheld masturbation sleeve.

You'll need a cucumber that is nice and thick, about two inches in diameter, and at least a couple of inches longer than your dick. At the height of the season, you shouldn't have trouble finding a large one. Needless to say, you should pass over the expensive (and too slender) cellophane-wrapped English cukes.

Cut both ends off the cucumber. At one end, be sure to expose the full thickness of the cucumber's flesh. Dig into it with a spoon and/or knife, and hollow out the seeds and interior. You'll need to cut away just enough of the inner wall that you can slide your cock in. You want to keep it tight, and you want the cucumber walls to hold up. It doesn't have to be perfectly smooth inside. Some ridging on the interior can add interesting texture.

You can tunnel straight through so both ends of the cuke are open. We suggest keeping the opening at the far end narrower, so you can block it off with your fingers or palm for more suction on the out-stroke.

Warm the cuke to body temperature by immersing it in hot water. You could pop it in the microwave, but for something this small, we recommend water submersion instead. Nuking it for even a few seconds could make it hot enough to burn you, or cook it and make it unusable.

Slide into your cucumber's naturally slippery juices, or lube it up with a squirt of vegetable oil, and enjoy the salad days of summer.

A Handgun Is Not a (Sex) Toy

toygun.jpgThis entry could be a "Weird Sex Toy of the Week", if it wasn't so tragic.

At Homemade Sex Toys, we always try to emphasize safety and common sense. Which is why we were disturbed by a recent news story. While using a gun during foreplay, a woman fatally shot her partner.

"She describes it as playing 'dirty cowboy,'‚ÄČ" McCorvey said. "She did admit to being in possession of the handgun and using it as a toy during foreplay with the victim's acquiescence and request for it to be used in that manner."

Both McCorvey and Newman declined to elaborate on the type of foreplay the couple was engaged in or what "dirty cowboy" meant. Newman declined to say if the couple had played the game before."

We have to admit that "dirty cowboy" is a new one on us, and we we thought we'd heard of just about everything.

Now, we know some folks are into "edge play" - sexual play with an element of danger in the form of knives, guns, breath restriction, etc. But as this incident points out, accidents can happen - very bad accidents.

And we're not taking a position on gun control here, but we think most everyone can agree that using a firearm (especially a loaded one!) as a sex toy or a prop in sexual roleplaying, is not a good idea. Neither is using power tools in the bedroom.

Just because someone consents to or requests a dangerous or potentially deadly act, that doesn't make it OK, and it won't get you off the hook legally if the scene goes terribly wrong. So don't feel bad about saying no if someone asks you to do something to them that could kill or maim them. And if you do have a handgun in the bedroom, let's hope it's in a gun safe.

Vibrate Your Way to Health

vibrator.jpgA new study confirms what many women (and many men) have known all along: vibrator users don't just have a healthy glow - they actually are healthier, sexually anyway. Women who use vibrators, either alone or with a partner, are more likely to have had a recent gynecological exam, are more likely to have done a recent genital self-exam, and have better overall sexual functioning than average. The same goes for men who use vibrators (except the gynecological part).

We can't claim that there's any cause and effect here, or that using a vibrator is necessarily going to make you healthier or more sexually functional. But the correlation between vibrator use and sexual health only makes sense. In fact, if the study were expanded to include all sex toys, we wouldn't be surprised if it yielded similar results. People who are comfortable using sex toys are probably going to be more in touch with their bodies and their sexual and reproductive organs, and more aware of sexual and reproductive health issues.

More good news from this study: vibrator users rarely report any side effects. Another interesting bit of data: about half of Americans use vibrators (53% of women surveyed, and 45% of men). We don't know if they counted the folks who use electric toothbrushes, cell phones, vibrating game controllers, or other homemade devices. 

Household Hints With Sex Toys

hh_01.jpgYou'd be surprised at how many things you can do with a butt plug - besides stick it in the obvious place.

Here at Homemade Sex Toys, our main business is to take everyday materials and common household items and turn them into sexual gadgets. But just for kicks, we decided to go the other direction - take some off-the-rack sex toys, and see how we could put them to work around the house. Think of it as the opposite of pervertibles.

Maybe you want to get some extra mileage out of some tired toys, or perhaps you bought something that just didn't work out for you. Our household hints will show you how to creatively repurpose them. Discover butt plug door stops, cock ring cable keepers, double dildo wrist rests, and more.

We hope our tips will inspire you to find the hidden potential in your sex toy collection.

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