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Beach Ball
Step 1: Blow up a beach ball
Take a small beach ball and fill it about half way with air.

Step 2: Get on top
Place it between your legs and pull up a pair of fairly tight pants, leggings, or hosiery. If the ball is still too soft or is in the wrong place you can take it out and blow it up some more. Be careful not to burst it with your nipple clamps! Once it is in a good position, find an arm of a chair or something and sit so that the ball is right under your clitoris, and bounce on, rock on, wiggle on and squeeze the ball.

It only takes me a few minutes to have an amazing orgasm! Be careful though because if you blow up the ball too tightly it can split at a seam and lose air when
you start bouncing like mad! But that "danger" can add to the excitement... You never know when it's gonna burst.


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